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Fang Chu then directed his gaze at Mu Qi, You Wuye, and Lu Dongwei.

Seeing Fang Chu looking in their direction, the three of them were truly afraid.

The three of them tried to dodge in panic, but were a step too late.

Then, with a flash of light, three shadows of Fang Chu appeared, striking out their palms at the same time.

Mu Qi, You Wuye, and Lu Dongwei were like withered leaves blown by the tempest, the three of them flew across the hall in different directions, crashing into the wall.

In an instant, the air was thick with the scent of blood.

Fang Chu watched the four figures grunting on the floor with thick contempt, “What bull** greatest geniuses in ten million years, useless, no different than trash.”

The four men trembled in anger.

“Fang Chu, I dont believe you really dare to kill us.” Mu Qi roared, “You really think the Fortune Gate can protect you”

This sentence bore some truth.

Not to mention the Mu Clan, the Dark Elf Tribe, or the Orthodox Yang Sect, just a single Wangu Clan was a power that the Fortune Gate was incapable of clashing head-on with.

Even if Fang Chu killed all of them and obtained all the treasures inside this Lightning God cultivation dwelling, once he returned, only death would await him.

Especially with Wangu Yanhui being the Wangu Clans most talented genius in the last ten million years.

If Wangu Yanhui was killed, the Wangu Clan would make every effort and kill Fang Chu no matter the cost.

Fang Chu burst out laughing, unperturbed in the slightest, “As long as I get the treasures in this Lighting Gods heritage and take the first place in the tournament, I can just ascend to the Divine World, what the f*ck are the Wangu and Mu Clans What can they do to me What can you do to me”

Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, You Wuye, and Lu Dongwei despaired.

Just like Fang Chu said, he could ascend to the Divine World once the tournament ended.

The Wangu Clan, Mu Clan, and the two other forces could do naught about it.

After knowing that Fang Chu already had an escape plan, their eyes dimmed, despair squeezing their hearts.

Fang Chus three shadows converged into one body, which clasped his hands at his back and approached Huang Xiaolong in leisurely steps, “Huang Xiaolong, it is now your turn.” His faint smile turned sinister, “Dont you have anything you want to say Or kneel and beg me not to kill you, swearing to serve me as master, and become my dog like Wang Na and the others”

“This way, I might consider sparing your life!”

With every step he took, the Gate of Fortune behind him would almost double in size.

The fortune energy rushing out from the Gate of Fortune shook the surrounding space.

As the fortune energy in the hall increased, Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, You Wuye, and Lu Dongwei discovered that their godforce was thoroughly suppressed.

Looking at Fang Chu walking over, Huang Xiaolong calmly replied, “Today, even if you kneel and beg me to let you become my most loyal dog, Ill still kill you!”

Fang Chus malicious laughter reverberated in the hall, “Is that so It seems like you have great confidence in your strength, but what a pity, the one dying today will be you!” His figure vanished in a sway, appearing almost instantaneously right before Huang Xiaolong.

Both of his palms struck out, causing the fortune energy to howl. 

The lightning force in the air became violent and chaotic.

Compared to the attacks on Wangu Yanhui and the other three, this attack on Huang Xiaolong was ten times more powerful.

Huang Xiaolong raised his arms, turned his palms outward, and struck forward in counter.


The entire hall shook from the collision, akin to hurricane passing by a wooden hut.

The horrifying shockwave from the collision spread to every corner of the hall, sending Wangu Yanhui and the others flying again.

Huang Xiaolong himself staggered several times, retreating more than ten meters before regaining his balance, whereas Fang Chu stood firm as a mountain.

“Oh!” Fang Chu had thought that attack just now would send Huang Xiaolong flying and end up like Wangu Yanhuis group of four.

Watching him merely retreat less than a dozen meters, Fang Chu exclaimed in surprise.

“Its such a wonder your body can be as tough as a late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm, almost reaching peak late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm...” Fang Chu sighed in admiration, but his gaze turned chilling in the next moment, his killing intent soared, “But, your godforce is completely suppressed by my gate of Fortune, and cant use any of it.

As strong as your physical body may be, youre no match for me!”


“Sword of Fortune!”

“I am the Master of Fortune and Creation, holding all living beings\' fortune in my hand.

Who dies and who lives depends on me!”

Fang Chus voice thundered, shaking heaven and earth.

When Wangu Yanhui and the others thought about the fact that Huang Xiaolongs godforce was also suppressed, their last thread of hope vanished.

Although Huang Xiaolongs physical toughness was indeed incredible, he wasnt a match for Fang Chu, who was Fifth-Order Highgod Realm.

As Fang Chus Sword of Fortune was about to pierce into him, all of a sudden, a vast force rushed out madly from Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolongs Holy Dragon Supreme Godheads lightning element godforce spun fiercely, gathering in his fist, which Huang Xiaolong swiftly struck out.

Great Void Divine Fist!

Ethereal and boundless!

Instantly, that Sword of Fortune was shattered into pieces by Huang Xiaolongs punch, whereas Fang Chu staggered backward several times.

The echoes of his voice dispersed.

The hall was suddenly quiet.

Fang Chu stared at his own hands in disbelief.

At the same time, his disbelief was also directed at Huang Xiaolong, “Lightning godforce! Impossible! You, you, how can you use godfroce! You aren\'t suppressed by my Gate of Fortune!”

“Who said my godforce is suppressed by your Gate of Fortune” Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Earlier, I only used my physical strength, just a warm-up.”

Earlier, when Fang Chu condensed the Gate of Fortune to suppress Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, You Wuye, and Lu Dongweis godforce, Hang Xiaolong immediately discovered that his godforce, which came from three supreme godheads, could be used as usual without the slightest impediment.

Huang Xiaolong was secretly relieved by this.

As for why he wasnt affected, he deduced that his godheads being at the supreme rank had something to do with it.

Supreme rank godheads were the kings of all godheads, transcending all other powers.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolongs godforce was not suppressed by Fang Chus Gate of Fortune gave birth to hope in the hearts of the four people in despair, some light returned to their eyes.

At this point, Fang Chu had recovered from his shock, confusion could be seen in his eyes, “Why isnt your godforce affected by my Gate of Fortune Is it because of the Azure Dragon Divine Fire”

‘The Azure Dragon Divine Fire Huang Xiaolong was inwardly stunned.

Fang Chu thought he had guessed the reason, hence broke into laughter, “The Azure Dragon Divine Fire is indeed as the legend said, possessing unfathomable power.

However, Huang Xiaolong, youre too weak and cannot fully display the Azure Dragon Divine Fires power.

Even if you can use your godforce, youre still no match for me!”

“I will let you see the Gate of Fortunes real power!”

The giant gates behind Fang Chu released brilliant light that spread to a thousand zhang, spinning endlessly as if attracting every last ray of light in the world.

The universes energy flowed rapidly from the Gate of Fortune.

At the same time, Fang Chus aura rose higher and higher.

Just the pressure from his aura caused Wangu Yanhui and the other three to turn green from suffocation.

Huang Xiaolong became more vigilant as he sensed Fang Chus rising momentum, secretly employing both his Holy Dragon and Archdevil Supreme Godheads.

Supreme godforce flowed out like a river, forming a sea around Huang Xiaolong.


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