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The Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders, Ceng Chu included, were dumbfounded staring at Huang Xiaolong.

Their faces were ashen, drowned in the dread of death.

Several Grand Elders felt dampness at their crotch as lines of pungent yellow liquid flowed down their legs.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Qin Yi, mockery and bloodthirst in his cold gaze, “Institute Principal Qin Yi, take out those one hundred giant redwood coffins that you ordered.

For the sake of those coffins, I will leave your corpses intact.”

Fear squeezed those Azure Dragon Institute masters hearts, their bodies went cold even as they stood there.

“Huang-g, Huang Xiaolong, Im the Azure Dragon Institutes Principal, you cannot kill me, you cannot kill me!” Qin Yi repeated, his words not making any sense.

Huang Xiaolongs lips curved into a faint smile, “Just because youre the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Fang Chu was a core disciple of the Fortune Gate, while Yelu Chufei was the Yelu Family Patriarch.”

Qin Yis face lost all color.

Even at this point, Qin Yi couldnt believe it.

Why Why was that primordial divine dragon Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong was a human!

How could this be

Most of all, how could Huang Xiaolongs strength have reached such a terrifying level

“Impossible, this must be a dream.

That\'s right its definitely a dream!” Qin Yi shook his head like a rattle drum, mumbling, trying to convince himself, when all of a sudden a sword appeared in his hand, slashing down at his own arm.

Pearls of bright red blood flowed down his arm.

Qin Yi looked blankly as his own flowing blood.

In the distance, a large group of people was flying in the Huang Clan Manors direction.

This group was composed of none other than Beitang Family masters.

Beitang Family Patriarch, Beitang Yiyang, spoke, “Strange, why are things so calm Could it be the Yelu Family and the others still haven\'t arrived”

“The Yelu Family should have reached Martial Spirit World already, but this place is too calm.

I think they most probably have already dealt with Huang Xiaolong.

With Yelu Chufeis strength, killing Huang Xiaolong shouldn\'t take any effort at all.” A Beitang Family Grand Elder stated his opinion.

“I agree, theres hardly any master in the Huang Clan Manor, the strongest of them is only that Ascending Moon Old Man, with a mere Fourth Order Highgod Realm cultivation.” Another Beitang Family Grand Elder chimed in, “The Huang Clan Manor has most likely been annihilated by now.”

“The Yelu Familys actions were too swift, killing Huang Xiaolong so fast.” Beitang Family Patriarch Beitang Yiyang frowned, “I had assumed Huang Xiaolong could last some time.

That way, we would have arrived at the ripe time to collect the harvest with the least effort, dividing half of Huang Xiaolongs treasures with Yelu Chufei.”

“Ei, those are… the Azure Dragon Institutes people” A Beitang Family Grand Elder suddenly pointed up ahead.

“Thats Huang Xiaolong Hes still alive!” Another Beitang Family Grand Elder shouted.

Patriarch Beitang Yiyangs eyes glimmered, “Go, let\'s have a look.”

Subsequently, all Beitang Family masters flew forward, toward Huang Xiaolong and the Azure Dragon Institutes people.

Huang Xiaolong was about to devour the Azure Dragon Institutes masters when he saw the Beitang Familys group flying over and his actions halted for a second.

When Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and all other Azure Dragon Institute masters saw the people flying toward them, joy rose to their faces as they hurried forward.

Huang Xiaolong watched this silently, showing no signs of stopping them

“Beitang Patriarch, save me, save me!” Qin Yi shouted from afar.

The North Hall Galaxy wasn\'t far from the four galaxies.

Due to some interests, as the Principal of the Azure Dragon Institute, Qin Yi had met the Beitang Family Patriarch a couple of times in the past.

Hence, they could be considered as associates.

The Beitang Family masters noticed the fearful expressions on the Azure Dragon Institute peoples faces, watching them flee in panic towards them, screaming for help.

All of them were dumbfounded.

Beitang Yiyang raised his hand to stop the Beitang Family masters behind him from advancing, waiting for Qin Yi where they were.

“Institute Principal Qin, what is happening” Beitang Yiyang asked.

Qin Yi shouted anxiously, “Patriarch Beitang, Patriarch Yelu is dead, all of his Grand Elders and Elders are dead! It was Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong killed them, we must run, hurry, I beg you, bring us with you, dont leave us here, I dont want to die, I dont want to die!!”

Beitang Yiyang and his group shuddered, looking at Qin Yi with shock. 

“What Yelu Chufei is dead All the Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders are dead! Youre saying they were killed by Huang Xiaolong!” A Beitang Family Grand Elder exclaimed out loud in shock and doubt.

All of them knew that Yelu Chufei was a mid-Seventh Order Highgod Realm master! How could Huang Xiaolong have killed the man Not forgetting that Yelu Chufei didn\'t come alone, he brought a huge group of Fifth Order and Sixth Order Highgod Realm masters with him.

Huang Xiaolong might be strong, but not to this extent.

That was why none of the Beitang Family masters believed Qin Yis words, they even suspected that Qin Yi was in cahoots with Huang Xiaolong to trick them, forcing them to leave without a fight.

“Institute Principal Qin, what benefits did you get from Huang Xiaolong” A Beitang Family Grand Elder said sarcastically aloud, “Do you know the consequences of lying to us”

Seeing that Patriarch Beitang and the Beitang Family masters wouldn\'t believe him, Qin Yi became even more anxious and urgent, waving his hands and shouting, “No, no, its true, Huang Xiaolong really killed Patriarch Yelu and the others.”

“You say Huang Xiaolong killed the Yelu Family group, then where are their corpses” Beitang Yiyang demanded solemnly, his gaze swept over the surrounding.

There were several crumbled cliffs around, and deep pits in the ground with cracks running through the earth.

Beitang Yiyang had to admit that it was a very convincing scene.

Qin Yi hurried to explain, “Patriarch Yelu and the rest were all sucked dry and turned into dried corpses by Huang Xiaolong, then he shattered those corpses into dust.”

“Sucked into dry corpses”

“Shattered into dust”

Hearing Qin Yis explanation, all Beitang Family masters laughed out loud.

A Highgod Realm masters body was almost indestructible, especially a high-level Highgod Realm master like Yelu Chufei.

His body was even stronger, so tough that even divine artifacts could hardly make a cut through his flesh.

But now, Qin Yi claimed that Huang Xiaolong turned all of those Highgod Realm masters into dust

The Beitang group could hardly be blamed for laughing out loud.

Beitang Yiyang watched Qin Yi, his gaze chillingly cold.

“Wangyi, you go and capture Huang Xiaolong, but dont kill him yet.” Beitang Yiyang said to one of the Grand Elders behind him, “I want to verify some things.”

“Yes, Patriarch.” Beitang Wangyi respectfully complied.

This Beitang Wangyi was a Sixth Order Highgod Realm master.

In his eyes, his own strength was more than enough to capture Huang Xiaolong.

Beitang Wangyi flew toward his target.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Beitang Wangyi was just about to tell him to surrender obediently when a figure flickered and Beitang Wangyi felt an overwhelming force rushing at him.

Alarmed, he wanted to dodge but was a step too late.

He was sent flying right into a mountain peak.

A thunderous boom resounded in the air.

The abrupt change in the situation was like a cork over the Beitang Family masters laughter.

Flabbergasted, they looked at Beitang Wangyi embedded into the mountain peak.

Shock was clearly written over his face.

At this time, high in the air, Huang Xiaolong approached the Beitang Family masters with unhurried steps, his gaze indifferent, “Beitang Yiyang, what do you want to ask me”

Beitang Yiyang opened his mouth, but no words came, his expression extremely ugly.


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