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Chapter 93: Class Advancement Test

Huang Xiaolong stared up at the litter of Fire Dragon Pearls and a thought suddenly flashed across his mind-- he took out a cycad fruit from the Asura Ring.

Without warning, a suction force came from the pagoda, and streams of spiritual energy drilled out from the cycad fruit.

Before Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, the cycad fruit dried up, wrinkled and deflated in front of his eyes, before finally vanishing into thin air.

And above him, after the spiritual energy from the cycad fruit was absorbed, fire dragon qi swirled rapidly, showing signs of condensing a new Fire Dragon Pearl.

Watching this phenomenon, Huang Xiaolong’s heart was delighted: sure enough, this method works.

Following that, Huang Xiaolong took out another cycad fruit.

Just like what happened previously, the cycad fruit was sucked empty of the spiritual energy within it and vanished, swallowed by the pagoda.

Huang Xiaolong continued to take out one cycad fruit after another, and after the number had surpassed ten, a new Fire Dragon Pearl was successfully formed, hanging above the clouds.

Staring at the newly condensed Fire Dragon Pearl, Huang Xiaolong felt like crying.

Now, he knew that cycad fruits and possibly other elixirs could speed up the time of condensing a Fire Dragon Pearl, but the expense is too big.

More than ten cycad fruits!

Huang Xiaolong only had less than twenty cycad fruits left in his spatial Asura Ring.

Although these types of herb and fruit elixirs can be bought from auction and trading houses, the prices were somewhat scary.

Not to mention Huang Xiaolong, probably not even the kingdom’s ruler, King Lu Zhe could afford it on a long term basis.

Next, Huang Xiaolong took out over a hundred Battle Qi Dan, and after absorbing all of them, the pagoda finally condensed out one Fire Dragon Pearl.

More than one hundred Battle Qi Dan was equivalent to one Fire Dragon Pearl; this amount was more or less the same of the ten cycad fruits.

I wonder if a demonic beast’s beast core has an effect. Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong thought of a possibility and wondered to himself.

However, there was no beast core in his ring.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong came out from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda space and headed to the main hall.

Calling Fei Hou, he gave Fei Hou one hundred thousand gold coins tasking him to purchase beast cores from auction and trading houses.

Even though Fei Hou was puzzled with Huang Xiaolong’s request of buying so many beast cores, he dared not ask too many questions.

Roughly one hour later Fei Hou returned to the mansion and as per Huang Xiaolong’s order, he procured more than forty pieces of Stage Seven beast cores.

Huang Xiaolong was looking forward to testing out his theory; after he got the items from Fei Hou, Huang Xiaolong hurried back to his room and entered the Linglong Treasure Pagoda space, taking out all the Stage Seven beast cores.

Just like what Huang Xiaolong guessed earlier, the pagoda could also absorb the violent demonic energy inside beast cores, and very soon, the pagoda space had sucked out all the energy from the forty plus beast cores that Fei Hou brought back.

These beast cores turned into dull, gray ash, and disappeared.

And the space that had absorbed more than forty demonic beast cores’ energy and condensed out two new Fire Dragon Pearls.

Seeing this result, Huang Xiaolong breathed out in relieved.

This result was still acceptable to him, less than fifty beast cores in exchange for two Fire Dragon Pearls, meaning fifty thousand gold coins for one Fire Dragon Pearl

This was way more cost effective than using cycad fruits or spirit dans.

Still, fifty thousand gold coins was no a small sum, and he decided to enter the Silvermoon Forest himself to hunt for Stage Seven demonic beasts.

And this time, the duration spent inside the Silvermoon Forest would be longer than the last time, Huang Xiaolong decided before he headed towards the Silvermoon Forest to kill demonic beasts, he would make a trip to the Academy first.

He wanted to request for a class advancement test into the Second Year class since he had a breakthrough to Seventh Order.

Early next morning, Huang Xiaolong came to the Cosmic Star Academy and went directly to the Principal’s room.

Actually, the matter regarding class advancements usually belonged to the class teachers, but by the time it was approved, six months would have gone by; if he went through Sun Zhang or Xiong Cu directly, it would save him a lot of time and trouble.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Principal’s room, coincidentally, both Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were inside.

Both were a little surprised seeing Huang Xiaolong, and then both stood up with smiling faces.

“Xiaolong, how come you have the free time to come over and look for us two old fellows” Sun Zhang grinned and asked, “Did you come across some problems in your practice”

Xiong Chu was also smiling, “Whatever problems you have, be at ease and tell us.”

The two of them thought Huang Xiaolong’s abrupt visit was due him coming across come cultivation problems.

Thus, he came over to ask them for guidance.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, clarifying “I came because I wanted to request for the class advancement test.”

“Request for the Second Year class advancement test!” Both old fellows blanked for a moment; Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu exchanged a glance, resulting in four widened eyes staring back at each other in shock.

“You…you’re saying you have broken through to the Seventh Order!” Sun Zhang blurted out; not half a year had passed since the Academy competition ended-- even if Huang Xiaolong had taken the Xingyao Dan and Qi Sea Dan, it was impossible for him to advance in such a short time! According to their secret estimate, Huang Xiaolong needs at least one year to do so.

Xiong Chu also has an inconceivable expression on his face as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, reaffirming what he had just said, “That is correct.” And he released his battle qi energy outward.

“Seventh Order! It really is the Seventh Order!” When Huang Xiaolong released his battle qi outside his body, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu who found it hard to believe initially and they broke out in excitement.

It was quite sometime later before the two old fellows recovered their dignified image.

Still, both of them scrutinized Huang Xiaolong with weird looks on their faces.

They didn’t expect in less than four months, just slightly over three, that Huang Xiaolong gave them another wonderful surprise.

If this was Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation speed, he probably could win the Academy’s overall champion before ten years’ time and represent Cosmic Star Academy in the Duanren Empire’s Battle of the Imperial City.

“Then, my request on the class advance test…” Seeing that Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu just stood there and stared at him without an answer, Huang Xiaolong’s brows creased and prodded them.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong speak, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu realized their gaffe, coming to their senses.

“Xiaolong ah, I didn’t expect you would breakthrough Seventh Order so soon!” Sun Zhang was smiling as if spring had arrived as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Your request for class advancement test, we approve.

Let’s do it this way, tomorrow, the Second Year Class Six is going near the border to kill some bandits, you follow along with the Second Year Class Six.

As long as you can kill ten bandits, you pass the test.”

“Prince Lu Kai also requested for the class advancement test two days ago,” At this time, Xiong Chu informed Huang Xiaolong, “Tomorrow, like you, he would be joining the Second Year Class Six to kill bandits at the kingdom’s border.”

Lu Kai is also going Huang Xiaolong was taken aback by the news, but he just nodded and bid farewell to the two old fellows.

After Huang Xiaolong had left Sun Zhang’s room, they sent Huang Xiaolong out personally; watching Huang Xiaolong’s back as he walked away until he vanished from view did the two look away.

“Now, I’ll eagerly anticipate what the little guy will achieve in ten years!” Sun Zhang exclaimed.

Xiong Chu agreed, “Perhaps a hundred years later, our Cosmic Star Academy needs this little guy’s care.”

Sun Zhang nodded his head, thinking about this matter pensively.

Huang Xiaolong headed straight back to Tianxuan Mansion, not bothering to attend class after he left the Principal’s room.

Entering the Linglong Treasure Pagoda space, he continued to practice using the Fire Dragon Pearls.

One day passed.

On the second morning, Huang Xiaolong once again came to the Academy and waited at the square.

He noted the Second Year Class Six students were already gathered, and Huang Xiaolong could recognize one of them, the student who won the Class Six battle, Ye Yong.

Ye Yong was one of the people who entered the Dragon Flame Valley.


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