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“Correct, it is me.” Seeing Huang Xiaolong recognized him, the Ghost Refining Sect Master wasnt surprised.

Contrary to the Ghost Refining Sect Masters calmness, great waves of shock were striking Huang Xiaolongs heart.

This Ghost Refining Sect Master was actually the Ghost King, one of the six great kings of Martial Spirit World in the past!

The second thought that flashed in his mind was; how long had this Ghost Refining Sect Master lived Was he omnipotent

The Ghost Refining Sect Master spoke again, “Huang Xiaolong, youre the one who obtained the Blood Pact Mandate I left in the Ghost King City, am I right Youve extraordinary talent, unparalleled.

Until now, your cultivation time is less than three hundred years, isnt it Tsk tsk, in this world, other than me, there is probably no one else who can suppress you!”

“However, you being able to achieve this cultivation in less than three hundred years, the main reason is my Blood Pact Mandate, isnt it”

“I should be right.

To tell you frankly, that Blood Pact Mandate is merely the first half of my Ghost King Art.

Since youve cultivated this technique, we can be considered to have a master-disciple fate.”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised once more, the Blood Pact Mandate was actually the first half of the Ghost King Art!

No wonder the Blood Pact Mandate could refine all ghostly creatures to enhance ones cultivation.

So that was the reason!

“Initially, based on your extraordinary talent and the fact that you cultivated the Blood Pact Mandate, had you chosen to submit to me, I would have spared your life, but…!” All of a sudden, the Ghost Refining Sect Masters eyes turned bloodshot and violent, “You dared to injure my son! Since you swallowed my sons blood essence and godforce, I will have you die today without a burial place!”

The Ghost Refining Sect Master suddenly roared towards the sky.

In the next second, he was already striking a palm at Huang Xiaolong.

“Ghost Refining Yin Soul Palm!”

Dense ghost qi overcast the sky.

In Huang Xiaolongs eyes, the ghost qi surging out from the Ghost Refining Sect Masters palm strike was so dense that it appeared like solid matter, not to mention its extreme devouring and corrosive properties.

The Ghost Refining Sect young lords ghost qi, compared to his father, truly showed the difference between heaven and earth.

A majestic dragon roar rang from Huang Xiaolong as his three supreme godheads were pushed to the limit, causing Buddhism energy to rush out through his Earthen Buddha Palm.

A thunderous collision shook the forest.

To Huang Xiaolongs astonishment, his Buddhism energy that could suppress all ghost and devils was actually useless against the Ghost Refining Sect Master.

Hit by the shockwaves, Huang Xiaolong shook from impact and lost his balance, tumbling back miserably for over several thousand li, whereas the Ghost Refining Sect Master staggered a mere few li.

“Oh!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master let out a sound of surprise seeing that Huang Xiaolong withstood his Ghost Refining Yin Soul Palm, then he snickered.

In a flicker, his second attack was already bearing down on Huang Xiaolong.

It was another Ghost Refining Yin Soul Palm.

Huang Xiaolong bellowed and his dragon claw turned, slapping upwards to counter the incoming attack.

The Fifteenth Move of the Dragon God, Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!

Vast dragon qi formed countless divine dragons.

After the thundering boom subsided and countless divine dragons exploded in the air, Huang Xiaolong was sent flying once again.

Right at this time, an unforeseen large space fissure opened right behind him.

An overwhelming suction force pulled Huang Xiaolong towards the space rift.

A forceful burst of godforce around his body enabled Huang Xiaolong to escape the suction force, but in this short moment, the Ghost Refining Sect Master attacked again.

Huang Xiaolong swiftly countered with an attack of his own.

In the blink of an eye, the two had exchanged more than a dozen moves.

However, never did the Ghost Refining Sect Master imagine that Huang Xiaolongs primordial divine dragon bodys defenses were so terrifyingly sturdy.

No matter how he hit him, Huang Xiaolong was merely sent tumbling back in the air and did not suffer any injuries!

Another half an hour passed, but it was still the same!

This chipped away the last shred of the Ghost Refining Sect Masters patience.

“Mad Devil Gods Body!” The Ghost Refining Sect Masters body suddenly expanded several fold in size, becoming even more powerful.

Huang Xiaolongs expression was grimmer than ever.

“Huang Xiaolong, I dont believe I cant kill you!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master bellowed, “All-Destroying Ghost King Palm!” A fist surging with killing intent punched out, causing space to shake and crack wherever it flew past.

Shadows of enormous ghosts took shape from the dense ghost qi emitted, it was as if the whole world had fallen into an abyss of destruction.

Everything was coming to an end in that moment.

Godforce rushed frenziedly from Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads.

God Binding Palm!

Absolute Soul Finger!

Great Void Divine Fist!

Asura Sword Skills!

In an instant, he released over a hundred attacks.

Space froze.

Asuras appeared like an invading army, while golden Buddhas watched the world from above.

Consecutive rumbles reverberated like thunder from the ninth heaven. 

With every rumble, Huang Xiaolong felt the air being knocked out of his lungs.

He was hit again and again, staggering again and again.

The world turned black.

When all of the turbulent and chaotic energy receded, Huang Xiaolong was more than fifty thousand li away from his initial location.

More than half of the dragon scales that covered his body had fallen, with blood seeping out from his flesh, far from his initial glistening glory.

The Ghost Refining Sect Master was several hundred li from him, but seeing that Huang Xiaolong was still able to remain in the air, he couldnt help blurting in fury: “Still not dead yet!

He was having a hard time believing that, after using his Mad Devil Gods Body and attacking consecutively at full strength, Huang Xiaolong was still not dead!

Although Huang Xiaolong seemed to have suffered serious injuries on the surface, the Ghost Refining Sect Master knew that those were only some external injuries.

Furious to the extreme, the Ghost Refining Sect Master bellowed: “Mad Devil Infinite Body!” 

His body that had already expanded by several times became even bigger! His momentum rose correspondingly with his body size.

“Huang Xiaolong, go die for me!”

“Die! DIE!!”

The Ghost Refining Sect Master began raining another wave of frenzied attacks on Huang Xiaolong.

Intensive explosions rang in the air.

At one point, Huang Xiaolong crashed into the ground like a meteor ten thousand li away, knocking countless ancient trees high into the air and causing them to turn into dust.

By this point, the Ghost Refining Sect Master was panting heavily and scowling grimly, he didn\'t believe that Huang Xiaolong could still survive this!

He flew toward the spot where Huang Xiaolong crashed when, all of a sudden, pieces of rock shot to the air, and the shadow of a dragon sped out from the ground.

It was precisely Huang Xiaolong who the Ghost Refining Sect Master thought to be dead!

The few scales left on Huang Xiaolongs body already shattered, revealing the gruesome injuries on his flesh.

But soon, his injured flesh mended and dragon scales grew anew.

“You!” The Ghost Refining Sect Masters eyes were about to pop out in rage, this Huang Xiaolong was still alive!

“I want you to die!!”

Another wave of insane attacks began.

Ten days passed.

Huang Xiaolong and the Ghost Refining Sect Masters battle went on for ten days and ten nights in a similar manner.

What vexed the Ghost Refining Sect Master the most was that no matter how hard he attacked Huang Xiaolong, no matter how heavily injured Huang Xiaolong was, the damn mongrel just wouldn\'t die! His physical defenses were monstrous, but his healing ability was truly heaven-defying.

Fortunately, he too could borrow the surrounding environments ghost qi to recover his godforce, otherwise he would be exhausted to death before he even killed Huang Xiaolong!

‘Master should be out from the Nightmare Forest by now… Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Ten days and ten nights were more than sufficient for the two of them to leave the forest, therefore, he no longer wasted any time delaying the Ghost Refining Sect Master.

He began flying towards the Nightmare Forests exit while the Ghost Refining Sect Master pursued incessantly.

Two figures could be seen flying in the sky; one chasing and one running, occasionally attacking and retaliating.

One month later, Huang Xiaolong was finally out from the Nightmare Forest.


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