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“Huang Xiaolong, even if you exit the Nightmare Forest, you wont be able to leave the Path to Hell!”

Huang Xiaolong had just left the Nightmare Forest territory when when the Ghost Refining Sect Masters furious voice bombarded from behind.

Huang Xiaolong remained unaffected, circulating his godforce to the limit and executing consecutive Greater Space Teleportation.

The Nightmare Forest was filled space fissures and restrictions, hindering him from teleporting, but now that he was out, there was nothing holding him back.

However, once he left the Nightmare Forest, the Ghost Refining Sect Master also executed consecutive Greater Space Teleportations, incessantly chasing Huang Xiaolong.

Detecting the fluctuations behind him coming from the Ghost Refining Sect Master, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

In terms of flying speed, he was slower, but he didn\'t believe the Ghost Refining Sect Master would be able to compete with him in Greater Space Teleportation. 

Not to mention the fact that he had a great amount of Undying God Pills and Myriad Cure Holy Pills.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong had his own innate Instant Recovery Ability, it wasn\'t likely that the Ghost Refining Sect Master could chase up to him.

One hour passed.

In the beginning, when the Ghost Refining Sect Master came out from the Nightmare Forest, he was only several hundred li from Huang Xiaolong, but as the hour passed, the distance had lengthened to over a thousand li.

Half a day later, the distance increased to three thousand li.

At the end of a day, the Ghost Refining Sect Master was more than ten thousand li away from Huang Xiaolong, the distance between them only growing increasingly wider.

When the Ghost Refining Sect Master who had been ceaselessly chasing him discovered that Huang Xiaolong was actually widening the distance between them, he roared in great fury.

However, using Greater Space Teleportations depleted a large amount of godforce; by the end of the day, his recovery speed was far from Huang Xiaolongs.

By the end of the second day, his divine sense that had been locked onto Huang Xiaolong completely lost its target.

He chased forth like a madman for several hours, but there was no sign of Huang Xiaolong at all, thus, the Ghost Refining Sect Master roared unwillingly but had no choice other than giving up.

His palm was striking  without aim, venting his fury.

All ghost beasts and Yin Souls within hundreds of li exploded into dust.

“Huang Xiaolong, I know youre hiding nearby.

Im going to the Divine Dan City right now, do you hear me Im going to slaughter the entire Divine Dan City, your Huang Familys blood shall paint the city streets red.

Ill kill every single one of them, let\'s see how long youre going to hide!” The Ghost Refining Ghost Master shouted, his voice rumbled, traveling thousands of li far.

Leaving his words echoing in the air, the Ghost Refining Sect Master vanished from the spot in a flicker.

A while after he disappeared, above a stretch of barren hills tens of thousands of li away, Huang Xiaolong emerged from the void.

Slaughter the entire Divine Dan City Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The Divine Dan City had been standing for so long, not to mention the layers of ancient killing formations guarding the city laid out by the past generations of the Unions great experts.

As formidable as the Ghost Refining Sect Master was, before these intricate layers of killing formations, he would need to step aside!

Relying on his sole power, it was impossible for the Ghost Refining Sect Master to fight against the entire Alchemist Grandmaster Union!

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong also added quite a few defensive formations around the Huang Family Abundant Deities Manor, thus he wasnt particularly worried about his familys safety.

Huang Xiaolong surveyed the barren peaks and sharp ridges around him, then disappeared in a flicker a moment later.

He then arrived in an obscure ravine, where his fist took aim and punched a hole in the wall, forming a cave.

The most important matter right now was to increase his strength! Without strength, all else was empty talk.

After arranging a defensive formation outside the entrance, he confirmed that there wouldn\'t be any issues before sitting down cross-legged further inside the cave and proceeded to take out the numerous spatial rings he had filled with mountains of divine pellets, making them float in front of him.

With a tap of his finger, Huang Xiaolong opened all the spatial rings restrictions.

In an instant, various kinds of divine pellets formed a pill river flowing towards him, winding over his body.

Divine pills turned into the purest medicinal energy one after another, flowing into Huang Xiaolongs body.

These divine pellets were all rare top grade pills, in fact, most of them were tribulation grade divine pellets.

A single one of these pills would take a Tenth Order Highgod Realm master at least ten days to half a months time to fully absorb, yet it took Huang Xiaolong just a second, no, even less than a second!

A mountain of divine pellets over ten thousand li long and several hundred zhang tall was gone in precisely one minute! This speed was no different than a giant whale sucking in water.

A day later, Huang Xiaolong had lost count of how many similar mountains of divine pellets he had refined.

As the mountains decreased in number, Huang Xiaolong felt a significant increase in his cultivation.

The injuries he obtained from battling the Ghost Refining Sect Master had completely healed earlier.

As time passed, his refining speed rose exponentially.

Mountains of divine pellets flew out from the spatial rings without end.

Unknowingly, one month had passed since Huang Xiaolong arrived at the ravine.

After refining several tens of thousands of divine pill mountains, Huang Xiaolong who had a peak mid-Eighth Order Highgod Realm cultivation suddenly quivered, his three supreme godheads emitted a crisp hum — at last, late-Eighth Order Highgod Realm!

When one reached the high-level Highgod Realm, every small order advancement increased their overall strength by double or even triple. 

For instance, if Huang Xiaolong who had now broken through to late-Eighth Order Highgod Realm were to battle the Ghost Refining Sect Master again, he wouldn\'t fare so miserably as he did last time, when he was only able to take hits.

Huang Xiaolong continued to refine the mountains of divine pills.

Just like this, the Ghost Refining Sects millions of years accumulation of divine pellets were refined by Huang Xiaolong at a horrifying speed.

If somebody saw Huang Xiaolongs refining speed, they would be frightened to death.

Once he broke through to late-Eighth Order Highgod Realm, Huang Xiaolongs refining speed increased even further.

Another two months passed and Huang Xiaolongs cultivation rose from late-Eighth Order to peak late-Eighth Order Highgod Realm, getting closer to advancing to Ninth Order Highgod Realm.

Even so, he had only refined about half of the divine pill mountains that he had obtained from the Ghost Refining Sect treasury.

Huang Xiaolong had already forgotten about the outside world, completely entering an ethereal state.

As if he was sitting at the center of a kingdom of medicinal pellets, every pills grains, medicinal properties, and refining method appeared in Huang Xiaolongs mind as he refined them.

Time flowed by while another three months passed.

In this time, Huang Xiaolong finally broke through to Ninth Order Highgod Realm.

Whilst Huang Xiaolong secluded himself, two figures, one fleeing while the other pursuing, were flying in the direction of the ravine Huang Xiaolong was in.

The person in front was none other than Li Lu!

At this time, Li Lus white dress was torn in many places, stained with glaring red dots of blood that fell from the corner of her lips.

Her breathing was in complete chaos, clearly heavily injured.

And the one behind her was her Eldest Senior brother, Pan Zhen.

“Smelly slut, where can you run!” Pan Zhens voice thundered from behind her, “Master, that old man, is so biased towards you! He actually gave you so many valuable ancient escape talismans, but youve must have used them all by now.

Hehe, just you wait, Ill enjoy your body to the fullest! Ive waited many years for this moment!” Pan Zhens fist punched through the air, its force striking Li Lis back. 

Blood spurted out from her mouth, plummeting down in the ravine where Huang Xiaolong was secluded.


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