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While Huang Xiaolong was surveying his surroundings, he stilled dazedly, feeling depressed for a moment.

He was smack in the middle of a thick forest filled with ancient towering trees.

He had fallen into a primeval forest!

This was the reason he felt depressed, it looks like his luck wasnt always good.

In any primeval forest, there were almost always demonic beasts!

The worst scenario he could imagine at the moment was ending up in the stomach of a demonic beast before he could make it out of this forest.

‘Lets pray no accidents happen, Im probably on the outer edge of the forest. Huang Xiaolong comforted himself.

If he were in the deeper regions, even at his peak, he probably couldnt walk out of the forest alive.

He might have three supreme godheads, but that didn\'t mean he wouldn\'t die.

After realizing he was in a primeval forest, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t afford to dally, as he would be an obvious target in an open space.

Any demonic beast passing by would notice him.

Enduring the pain in his body, Huang Xiaolong staggered towards a towering tree, struggled up its branches until the top, then found a more concealed spot and sat down to heal.

An hour later, his injuries had recovered by half.

At this point, he tried absorbing the spiritual energy around him.

At first, Huang Xiaolong merely thought of trying it, but who would have thought his three supreme godheads would quiver with delight.

The surrounding areas spiritual energy rushed toward Huang Xiaolong like a whirlpool, flowing into his body.

This came as a surprise to Huang Xiaolong.

When one ascended, they couldnt bring anything from the lower realm, hence, Huang Xiaolong had naught on him, not even a single divine pellet.

However, as long as he could absorb the spiritual energy here, he could use it to expedite his healing.

As expected, after he began absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy, Huang Xiaolong felt his healing speed becoming twice as fast.

The initial four to five hours of recovery were reduced to a short two hours.

After being nurtured and tempered by the new environments spiritual energy, Huang Xiaolong was happy to see that his True Divine Dragon Physique wasnt as fragile as it was when he first arrived.

Subsequently, he tried to circulate his godforce and discovered that he could finally use it.

However, the amount of godforce he could use was so pitifully small that it almost made no difference.

Although his injuries had healed, Huang Xiaolong did not plan to leave the tree just yet.

To the current him, this primeval forest was extremely dangerous, he had to enhance his ability for self-protection as soon as possible.

Despite his cultivation of early Tenth Order Highgod Realm, he couldnt even exert one-tenth of his strength at the moment.

Huang Xiaolong presumed the reason why he was restricted and suppressed by the Divine Worlds laws was due to his recent ascension.

His body had yet to adapt to the Divine Worlds environment, but as long as he continued absorbing the spiritual energy here to cultivate and temper his physical body for some time, he would be able to return to his peak condition, no longer suppressed by the Divine Worlds laws.

Huang Xiaolong continued to sit cross-legged on the tree, absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy as he cultivated and tempered his body.

Soon, three hours went by.

As time passed, he could feel the suppression on him reducing, allowing his strength to return.

The amount of godforce he could employ increased, but regaining one-tenth of his strength would take at least two to three days and at least half a month before he could return to his peak condition.

Right at this time, a loud rumbling suddenly came from his stomach.

The noise stupefied Huang Xiaolong.

He actually felt hungry!


Ever since he stepped into the Saint realm, he no longer felt hunger.

The empty feeling from his belly was so real that he suspected he would starve to death in two weeks if he did not eat something.

This kind of feeling was too surreal for the current Huang Xiaolong, and a little bit absurd.

An hour later, Huang Xiaolong couldnt ignore the pangs of hunger from his stomach, which forced him to stop cultivating.

Leaping off the high tree branch, he landed agilely on the ground.

He looked up toward the top of the tree.

There were only thirty to forty meters between the ground and the treetop, but even so, he had to brace himself in advance before hitting the ground.

Hoping for a stroke of luck, Huang Xiaolong tried flying a few times to no avail, the Greater Space Teleportation he was so apt at in the lower realm seemed so far away.

After several attempts, he could only give up.

A feeling of helplessness washed over him.

“Looks like I need to start from the bottom again.” Huang Xiaolong sighed loudly.

He then wondered about Li Lu.

One month before his ascension, he made a trip to the Fortune Gate, but when he was there, the Fortune Gate Ancestor told him that Li Lu had ascended to the Divine World a few days prior.

She had also left a message for Huang Xiaolong.

When he took the communication talisman and opened its restrictions, there was only one sentence inside: “Xiaolong, Ill wait for you in the Divine World, forever waiting for you.”

Thus, Li Lu ascended one month before him.

Similar to him, she should be somewhere trying to regain her strength, right

Another loud rumbling came from his stomach, causing Huang Xiaolong to snap out from his thoughts, finding food was the most important thing right now.

Looking around him, Huang Xiaolong picked a direction and leaped into the air.

Although he couldnt fly at the moment, he could still cover a distance of twenty to thirty meters in a single leap, therefore, his travelling speed wasnt considered too slow.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong stopped at the bottom of a hill.

There was no prey in sight, nor were there clues to any demonic beast activities in the vicinity. 

His plan of roasting meat to fill his stomach fell down the drain.

Not to mention demonic beasts, he didnt find even a single fruit in the last half an hour.

Tilting his head skyward, his eyes narrowed glancing at the harsh sun; his skin was prickling from sunburn.

After half an hour of leaping through the forest, his back was dripping with sweat! He was actually sweating like the most common mortal in the lower realm!

Moving along the foothills, Huang Xiaolong continued onward.

A short distance later, he found a small river about a hundred zhang wide.

Excited, Huang Xiaolong sped up, arriving at the edge of the small river.

As he thought, there were fish swimming in the water.

Although it wasnt meat, roast fish was quite nice as well.

Suddenly, a fish leaped into the air from the water with its mouth opened wide to bite Huang Xiaolong.

Its rows of sharp teeth glinted coldly in the sunlight.

The fish reached Huang Xiaolong in an instant, but just as its mouth was above his head, Huang Xiaolong hastily punched out.

His fist landed squarely on the fishs body.

The fish was knocked back into the river, causing water to splatter high into the air.

What Huang Xiaolong didnt expect was that the fish was still alive! And it was already attacking him again!

In the lower realm, a demonic beast was bound to suffer heavy injuries if not dying on the spot.

The force from his punch was capable of shattering a great mountain, but now, he couldnt even kill a mere fish!

He dared not underestimate this fish anymore.

Circulating what measly amount of godforce he could, he swung another punch at the fish.

This time, combined with his godforce, the fish was knocked back into the water with its white belly up.

It was finally dead…


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