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Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan did not conceal anything when Huang Xiaolong asked them about the Barbarian God Sect and the All Islands Great War, sharing with him what they knew.


As the three of them conversed, Huang Xiaolong\'s heart was thumping with joy.

Almost like a tradition, the Fortune Gate organized this competition every hundred years.

The Green Cloud Island and the surrounding islands forces that were under the Fortune Gate governance would send disciples to the Fortune Mainland to participate.

But every island only had a quotation of five disciples each time the event was held.

However, the chief disciples of the three top sects like the Barbarian God Sect had a ninety-nine percent chance of obtaining one of the five spots and participate the All Islands Great War.

At that time, the three sects would activate their transmission arrays and send the participating disciples to the Fortune Mainland.

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply as a plan slowly formed in his mind.

Things twisted and turned, and suddenly a window of opportunity came up, just like a light in a dark tunnel.

The Fortune Mainland actually held an All Islands Great War every hundred years.

His thoughts had been drilling into dead ends in recent days thinking about how to get to the Fortune Mainland.

Who would have thought an opportunity would come so soon. 

“The top five disciples, is it” Huang Xiaolong repeated quietly.

 There were twenty-odd years left until the next Great War, the time was a bit too rushed for Huang Xiaolong.

According to Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan, generally speaking, only Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciples had a chance to fight for the Barbarian God Sect\'s chief disciple position.

The two of them stayed with Huang Xiaolong for half an hour before leaving.

After seeing them off, Huang Xiaolong returned to his room and continued cultivating.

Early the next day at the Tie Family Forts main gates, Tie Qianyuan and several others were sending Huang Xiaolong off.

“Elder brother Huang, you, will you come visit me in the future” Tie Xianlan asked.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Tie Xinlans innocent face, nodding, “I will.” He could clearly tell she had some feelings for him, but he only saw her as a younger sister.

In his opinion, Tie Xinlans feelings were only temporary and would dissipate some time after he left.

Huang Xiaolong cupped his fists in farewell at the party of Tie Family Fort members.

With the parting words oftake care, he turned and left.

Before the groups eyes, Huang Xiaolongs figure gradually grew out of view.

Inside an inn not far away, two pairs of eyes were venomously watching Huang Xiaolong as he left the Tie Family Fort.

These two people were none other than Tie Chengdong and his son, Tie Yang.

“Father, that brat really left the fort!” Tie Yang sneered, “Even the Heavens are helping us.

If he remained inside the Tie Family Fort, it wouldn\'t be convenient for us to make a move, but now hes dead for sure!”

Tie Chengdongs voice was cold and sinister, “If it wasnt for this brat, Tie Qianyuan wouldnt have an excuse to take my Big Elder position, I want to tear that brat into a million pieces with my bare hands to vent the fury in my heart! However, there is no rush to act now, wait until he leaves the Tie Family Forts scope of influence, then Ill skewer him!”

“Father is wise!” Tie Yang chuckled.

Tie Chengdong then asked, “What did the people from the Lin Family Fort say”

Tie Yang paused in hesitation, then said, “The Lin Family Fort has agreed to help us, but under the condition that we give them half of the Azure Mountains mines if Father succeeds the Tie Family Fort.”

“What! Half of the Azure Mountains mines!” Anger and murderous intent flashed in Tie Chengdongs eyes, “That old fox Lin Chaoqun, like a lion opening its bloody mouth, isnt he afraid of bursting to death”

The Azure Mountains mines brought in half of the Tie Family Forts annual revenue.

The amount they received each year was shocking, even half of it was a handsome profit.

“Shall I cancel our cooperation with the Lin Family Fort then, Father” Tie Yang asked.

Tie Chengdongs expression changed several times.

Finally, gnashing his teeth hatefully, he said, “Agree to cooperate with them first.

Wait till I get my hands on the Tie Family Fort Lord position, Ill make that old fox Li Chaoqun vomit everything out at that time!”

“Tie Qianyuan, since you took my Elder position, dont blame me for being ruthless!”

Half a day after leaving the Tie Family Fort, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Scarlet Flower City.

A day after passing by this Scarlet Flower City, Huang Xiaolong would reach the Blood Phoenix Forest.

His plan was to cut across the forest to reach the Barbarian God Sect, then register for the disciple recruitment exam.

While making his way through the Blood Phoenix Forest, he could train while looking for herbs.

Even though the Blood Phoenix Forest was dangerous, as long as he traveled along the outer regions of the forest, the risk should be greatly reduced.

Huang Xiaolong spent the night in the Scarlet Flower City.

After spending twenty shenbi to purchase a dozen jugs of good wine, he continued on to the Blood Phoenix Forest the next day.

The wine of the Divine World was like ambrosia of the immortals, even the lower realms Celestial Bloom Wine couldn\'t compare.

On the second day, just as the last ray of dusk disappeared on the horizon, Huang Xiaolong made it to the edge of the Blood Phoenix Forest.

Without stopping, his figure disappeared amongst the trees.

A while after he entered the forest, a lethal sword light pierced through the darkness, aimed at his back.

Huang Xiaolongs lips curled into a cold sneer, ‘Making your move at last Not long after leaving the Tie Family Fort, he had already noticed there was a tail on him. 

Huang Xiaolong did not dodge the sword light, spinning around with his fist punching out, shattering the incoming attack, causing a soft cry of astonishment to be heard. 

In the next second, a few figures flickered and four people appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong.

One of them, as Huang Xiaolong expected, was the Tie Family Forts Tie yang, however, Tie Chengdong was nowhere in sight.

His gaze swept over the other three faces.

Other than Tie Yang, the other three were all Heavenly God Realm masters; a peak early First Order Heavenly God expert, and two mid-First Order.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly surprised when he noticed the blood wolf emblem on the three Heavenly God masters clothes, ‘People of the Lin Family Fort

Tie Chengdong was capable of having the Lin Family Forts people act on his behalf, to kill him

“This brat actually stopped my sword attack, looks like he really has the strength of an early First Order Heavenly God Realm.” The Lin Family Forts peak early First Order Heavenly God Realm grinned with mirth that does not reach his eyes.

Just now, he was the one who attacked Huang Xiaolong.

Tie Yang looked at Huang Xiaolong, his tone haughty, “Huang Xiaolong, you might be strong, but you wont be able to escape today!” His words paused for a beat, “Im not afraid to tell you, these three Seniors here are the Lin Family Forts Elders.

With the three of them, even a peak mid-First Order Heavenly God master would be doomed to die here!”

Huang Xiaolong looked unperturbed, sounding rueful as he spoke, “Its too bad Tie Chengdong isn\'t here.”

Tie Yang stilled at Huang Xiaolongs words that didn\'t make any sense to him, laughing disdainfully, “Originally, my Father wanted to kill you personally to ease the hate in his heart, but something came up and he couldnt make it here.

Me killing you is the same thing.

My Father has given specific instructions, first cripple your arms, then your legs, and after that, break all the bones in your body to let you enjoy some before moving on to hell!”

“Ill have to trouble these Seniors to act, dont kill the brat just yet.” Tie Yang said to the three Lin Family Fort Heavenly God Realm masters.

One of them issued a menacing chuckle, “Let me accompany this boy to play a little.”

Huang Xiaolongs face bloomed into a wide smile, but just as the four were baffled by Huang Xiaolongs smile, they saw numerous arms fanning out from his back.

‘This is…

Before Tie Yang and the other three could react, Huang Xiaolongs one thousand arms struck.

Fist imprints filled the sky like an angry wave, drowning the four people within.

Their faces paled at the horrifying power coming at them.

Space shook vigorously.

The three Lin Family Fort Elders snapped to their senses almost at the same time, roaring loudly as they circulated every last shred of godforce to counter.


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