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Chapter 1454

Galgunos might be a lich with divinity, but his world was just a small temple.

He was even defeated in the temple.

As a handful of believers watched, he was trampled on by the new legends, Jishuka and Euphemina.

His power couldnt be intact even if he borrowed the body of Overgeared Skeleton Two to be revived.

It wouldve been meaningless even if it was intact.

He was nothing more than a humble and shabby existence in this huge world called Grid.

In conclusion, Grids victory was set from the start.

Euphemina was also well aware of this fact, but she never imagined it would end so easily.

She knew Galgunos strength better than anyone else.

She had speculated that there would be a more intense crisis and reversal.

Then what was this...

“...What is this vain end”

The words that represented Eupheminas feelings unknowingly popped out.

She was a genius, but she didnt understand Grids fight even with the wisdom and senses of a genius.

The reason was simple.

Overwhelming Galgunos was impossible even in the realm of a genius.

In fact, Grid didnt think he had overwhelmed Galgunos.

It might feel meaningless from Eupheminas perspective, but it was a fierce battle for Grid.

‘He was a tougher opponent than I thought.

There was a reason why he hadnt taken off Lee Jeongs training tools set in the beginning.

Grid recognized Lich Galgunos as a strong opponent, but was convinced Galgunos was worse than himself.

However, there was a variable called Spatial Distortion.

‘Spatial Distortion...

it didnt seem all that good when I just heard about it, but it is really powerful.

Not only was Galgunos damaged, but he was downgraded because he borrowed the body of Overgeared Skeleton Two.

Thequality of the body itself mightve improved, but the growth rate had decreased.

Additionally, all the equipment he wouldve used during the time as Lich Galgunos was lost.

It was only after linking the Falling Moon Sword with Item Combination that it was possible to knock Galgunos down.

As expected, it was much easier to destroy Galgunos, but it wasnt overwhelming compared with the various favorable conditions.

‘Spatial Distortion is fraudulent...

Grid analyzed the cause and frowned.

Then he soon smiled like the frown had been a lie.

Overgeared Skeleton Two grew and developed a well-proportioned figure.

Grids mood was relieved when he saw the smile of the one who was at the same eye level as Grid.

The expectations were great.

To what extent had Overgeared Skeleton Two absorbed Galgunos power


I didnt lose...

I just stepped back for a while because the timing isnt right...]

A somber voice was heard from Galgunos core that was now Overgeared Skeleton Twos core.

It was the voice of Galgunos, who had been affected by Granting an Ego.

Grid ignored the excuses entering his ears and brought up the details of Overgeared Skeleton Two.

[Name: Overgeared Skeleton Two

Level: 430]

The level was good.

Due to the aftermath of absorbing the lich who had built up his status, Overgeared Skeleton Two achieved the fourth class advancement at once and gained 30 additional levels.

The growth was beyond expectations, but the class name was deeply disappointing.

[Class: Dancing Lich Who Distorts Space]


It was a pleasing and wonderful thing since it proved that the power of space distortion was absorbed, but what was the dancing lich Of course, the Overgeared Skeletons love of dancing meant they were a genius of provocation and were capable of doing the sword dances.

‘...It doesnt seem that good.

In fact, he thought Overgeared Skeleton Two would become the lich king.

‘Maybe it is like this before the fifth advancement.

Well, what did the class name have to do with it Grids smile became deeper after checking Overgeared Skeletons stats and skills list.

There was a change in the stat values.

Strength and agility was still low and the proportion of the stamina stat was lower than before.

Instead, it gained 4,800 intelligence and 2,000 insight.

Once 2,000 insight was gained, it would develop dynamic vision and the ability to grasp situations, so it wouldnt be pushed back in a fairly rapid battle.

No, this wasnt the best way to put it.

An NPCs intellectual power was proportional to intelligence.

The synergy of high intellectual power (intelligence) and insight might lead to ideas that went beyond tactics and strategy.

‘Does Overgeared Skeleton Two need to open the leadership stat to make it more brilliant

A discerning eye.

The insights through this were being added to Grid.

Beyond accepting the change in Overgeared Skeleton Two at face value, he inferred the reason for the change.

He should research ways to use Overgeared Skeleton Two as a commander or strategist, rather than just a lich.

‘Additionally, it gets 12 stats per level...

it feels a bit low compared to the status, but it is still reasonable.

If Grid had to pick a part that was disappointing, it was the low stamina stat.

Still, this didnt have to be a problem.

The undead didnt get tired and a lichs magic power was infinite.

In fact, Overgeared Skeleton Two now had the characteristic ofmana wont be depleted. As a result, the value of Mana Shield rose sharply.

The lack of health was replaced by the Mana Shield.

Surprisingly, the fraudulent characteristic of mana not being depleted was abasic talent of the lich.

The biggest strength of Overgeared Skeleton Two after absorbing the remains and core of Galgunos was the possibility ofcatalyst generation andspatial distortion.

[Catalyst Generation Lv.

2 (proficiency cant be accumulated)]

[Passive skill.

Automatically generates a catalyst for space magic consumption.

Automatically generates a catalyst for attribute magic consumption.

Magic Resource Consumption: 2,000~26,000 mana

Magic Casting Time: None.

Cooldown Time: None.]

[Spatial Distortion (Mastered)]

[Used to distort the space at a specified point.

Magic Resource Consumption: 20,000 mana, horandia, celtirove.

Magic Casting Time: 2 seconds.

Cooldown Time: 3 seconds.]

‘The resource consumption is ridiculously large.

The casting time and cooldown time of Spatial Distortion was very surprising.

He didnt expect the series of extremes to have such free and easy restrictions.

The downside that hadnt applied to the lich was that it consumed a lot of resources.

‘Since Galgunos engraved Spatial Distortion on his body...

Grid confirmed the information of another one of Overgeared Skeleton Twos magic.

[Magic Formula Engraving Lv.

5 (proficiency cant be accumulated)]

[Passive skill.

If the magic expressed hasnt worked yet, the magic configuration will be maintained.

Up to 20 magics can be engraved.]

The magic formulas engraved on Galgunos bones.

It had the best compatibility with Alarm magic.

Alarm magic needed the advance selection and casting of magic before setting the activation time.

Meanwhile, there was much more freedom when it came to activating magic that was cast in advance and then engraved.

\'No, it isnt appropriate to think of it as a superior version of the Alarm magic.

There is no limit to the number of Alarms cast.

Additionally, Alarm could be triggered in the right place depending on the capabilities of the user.

The higher the capability of the users, the bigger it might be than Magic Formula Engraving.

Of course, this was a far cry from Grid.

Grid checked and organized the information of Overgeared Skeleton Two for a long time before finally opening his mouth, “Skeleton.”

Clack!Clack clack clack!

“Dont hit your chin.

Speak, speak.”




The one that had been clacking for years was finally able to speak.

Grid had a strange feeling.

It was like seeing his child grow.

[Im happy to be able to talk to Master.]

Overgeared Skeleton Two also seemed deeply moved.

There was a type of warmth in the originally colorful expressions.

“Your voice is cool.”

[This is a gift from Master.

I am very grateful.]

A deep, low voice spread through the space.

It was serious and powerful.

It was a voice that put weight in the voice.

It reminded him of a dragons False Dragon Words.

“There will often be times when Galgunos ego resists.

Lets aim for perfect control of him.

It is true that you need his help to adapt to the magic and Space Distortion in your body.”

[Yes, Master.]

[Hmph, who can control me at will...]

[Shut up.]

[This cheeky...]

[If you say one more word, I will destroy you.]


Galgunos core was classified as an item.

It was why Jishuka and Euphemina earned it as loot and it entered Grids hands.

Galgunos was obsessed with life and rather than having an honorable death, he chose to live.

From the moment he was sealed in the core, power over his life or death completely fell into Grids hands.

No matter his innermost thoughts, he could only be Grids puppet.

However, it would take a lot of trouble for him to have a slightly cooperative attitude.

Grid was relieved that Overgeared Skeleton Two could control him on its own.

‘It has leveled up, so I should make new equipment.

If Overgeared Skeleton Two fully adapts to its body and newly acquired magic, I can transfer Galgunos ego to the equipment and...

Ah, come to think of it

Grid was lost in thought for a moment before coming up with a good idea.

“Why dont you go to the temple during the adaptation period”

[Do you mean Galgunos temple]

“Yes, his legacy might remain there.

Additionally, the believers who serve him might follow you.”

[Great advice.

There seems to be plenty of possibilities.]

“...Why are you suddenly doing the tango”

Objectively, Overgeared Skeleton Two was very cool.

The black magic power wrapped around the large, sturdy white bones like a cloak.

The red light of the eyes was accompanied by the voice full of weight, making the atmosphere lively.

There was no messy posture.

There was the feeling of breaking this atmosphere once it started dancing the tango.

[I was so amazed and delighted with Masters insight that I showed some ugly behavior.

If Master tells me not to dance, I will dance only when I need to...]



The time for Grid and Overgeared Skeleton Two to check the situation wasnt that short.

It was 30 minutes.

During this time, Euphemina had been standing like a piece of stone.

Now she cocked her head and sighed.

Grid turned his gaze toward her.

A light that was brighter than the light in the training room was reflected in her big eyes.

She said, “Now I know it for sure.”


“You arent a genius.”


Wasnt this something that everyone knew Even the party involved, Grid knew it best.

There were often people who packaged Grid with the wordsgenius of effort, but it was more of a forced fit because they couldnt deny that Grid was the supreme one.

In fact, Grid didnt agree.

Of course, he didnt deny his efforts.

It was just that the world genius still felt unfamiliar.

So what was this...

Grid was showing a small response when Euphemina grabbed both of his hands.

She stared directly at him and said, “Great expert.

You are a great expert.”

Genius relied on innate talent.

In a way, it was easier to understand than others and most of the inspiration came from oneself.

They were often inspired by phenomena and concepts, but rarely by other people.

Thus, Euphemina had doubts.

Why was she inspired by Grid despite not understanding his field

Now she knew the reason.

He was a person who trained relatively ordinary talents to the limit with passion and effort.

Grid was a great expert.

He was different from a genius.

She couldnt understand it (because she wasnt a great expert yet), but she still got inspired by it.

“This is probably why Kraugel is special to you...

I admire you.”


Euphemina was giving him an enthusiastic look while saying something embarrassing.

If it had been a while ago, Grid wouldve blushed due to embarrassment.

Now he calmly accepted it.

It was because he knew how she felt toward him and what she wanted to say.

He didnt know why, but...

The very same type of bond he shared with Kraugel was being shared by Faker and now Euphemina.

‘Everyone has changed.

Grid had been leading alone so far due to meeting and forging good relationships with people such as Khan and Braham.

Now he finally felt the growth of others.

His intuition told him that the people who would stand shoulder to shoulder with him would appear.

The days when heaven and hell would feel fear werent far away.

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