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Chapter 1731

The stage that was in the form of a coffin—it was around the time when the huge tomb where the myth of Martial God Zeratul was buried was gradually colored black and slowly rose to the sky.

Six more legends were born in the Overgeared Guild.

The protagonists of this glory were Huroi, Pon, Laella, Vantner, Haster, and Eat Spicy Jokbal.

They all became legends based on their own achievements.

Hurois words became more powerful and Pons spear became more complete.

The thing that the words and the spear used by the two men had in common was that they were difficult to dodge, defend, and counterattack.

Of course, Huroi was currently one step ahead.

He had built up transcendence even before he became a legend.

Laella had the dignity of being the master of a major facility called the Overgeared Magic Tower.

She obtained the qualifications to create her own magic formulas and added the reputation ofprestigious magic school to the Overgeared Empire.

Vantners bald head shone even more brilliantly.

In addition to easily blinding the enemies, he reflected the sunset divinity of the Overgeared World and spread it more widely.

Vantner didnt admit it, but he became a beneficial person with his existence alone.

Haster grew rapidly the moment he accidentally started to combine the knowledge of the Red Sage with the power of Heroic Story.

In the first place, his growth environment was very good.

He learned a lot from working with some of the best talents like Chris, Zibal, and Hurent at the No Offspring Tomb.

Before that, Grid gave him special training.

Eat Spicy Jokbal had many achievements from the beginning.

The dungeons he created were still being used in various ways right now.

Considering Eat Spicy Jokbals past performances, it wasnt strange that he had become a legend.

Of course, the limit of the Dungeon Masters growth was known to be the unique rating.

Nevertheless, no one questioned how he broke through the limits and became a legend.

It was an era in which legends and transcendents coexisted, and normal classes became legends.

In an era like this, arguing about the potential of a particular class would only prove that they were a person lagging behind the flow.

Unfortunately, it wasnt all good news.

Regas was troubled by a class change problem.

It was because rather than opening up the 5th advance class, he returned to an Asura, the third advance class.

It felt like he had been encroached upon by the class called Asura.

It made him even more conscious of the existence of Asura in hell.

Meanwhile, the Demon Slayer used the only beautiful glass castle in hell as a base and was on a winning streak against the great demons.

She weakened Baals influence in hell little by little.

It was to the extent where Baal had to come forward himself.

However, Yura took advantage of the characteristics of the crystal castle and continuously evaded Baals pursuit.


who was rarely angered, became furious.

He seemed agitated when he heard that Grid had become an Only One God and this served as a huge advantage for Yura.

The very act of the Absolute of Hell being conscious of the Demon Slayer raised her status little by little.

On the other hand, the Sword Saint of the current age left to meet the Sword Saint of the previous generation and he had already smashed several dimensional gaps.

It was evidence of a series of fierce battles.

The aftermath was severe.

The scattered dimensional fragments gave birth to monsters that had never been seen before in the world.

The apostles became busy due to this.

Surprisingly, Jishuka was just as active as the apostles.

The scene of her Breaking Evil Arrows dominating the sky and easily purifying the monsters was breathtaking.


The human who was originally supposed to be the enemy of humanity had long lost the malice that had replaced evil.

He got in touch with a tower member, which was far from the world, and realized a new power.

However, he didnt use it carelessly.

“Die…! You trash! Die!”

He didnt resist the power of a legend wielded by those who were once powerless and harmed by him.

He just silently endured it.

Yes, it was the power of a legend.

In rare cases, legends were born among players who werent part of the Overgeared Guild.

They didnt become legends from their own achievements, but instead inherited legends by using class change books.

Nevertheless, this wasnt a basis for disparaging their achievements.

The world was once again entering a new era.

As usual, Grid accelerated the flow.

The moment he became an Only One God, the Overgeared World and the gods of the Overgeared World became stronger.

As a result, thedimensional status of the surface rose to a great extent.

At a ruined mansion…

Agnus, who was being silently beaten by the intruders, opened his mouth for the first time, “If you are done, then go away now.”

He was on the verge of running out of health.

The rankers surrounding him scoffed.

“The guy who couldnt do anything because he was afraid suddenly got into the mood.

You rejected jerk.”

“You dont want to die This nasty guy… Ughh!”

The rankers fell in all directions.

They lost their grip on the weapons they stabbed into Agnus body.

Every time Agnus moved, the swords and spears stuck between his ribs collided with each other.

It was a horrifying sight.

Agnus spoke to the rankers who momentarily shrank back, “You shouldnt cross the line just because I let you vent your anger.”

The bridle couldnt be removed by itself.

Therefore, Agnus silently accepted the hatred and anger of the people toward him.

The people who were damaged by him in the past—he didnt resist their retaliation full of resentment since they mustve lost precious existences due to him.

However, this didnt mean he accepted being killed by them.

His goal was too great for him to suffer death and lose strength.

The 1st Great Demon, Baal—Agnus intended to deal him a big blow.

He would surely see the face of the guy who believed in infinite life distorted by despair.

“You shameless bastard…!”

“Dont be scared! That guy already has low health!”

The rankers quickly regained their composure and boosted their morale.

At the center of them was a player who became a legend.

They confirmed that Agnus health had fallen to the bottom and drew their spare weapons to launch a pincer attack.

After a while—

“Ugh…! Y-You will see soon!”

“I will definitely get revenge next time!”

The rankers were robbed of their souls and ran away with these words.

Agnus made a slightly curious expression.

“Are you really leaving with those lines…”

The lines of a third-rate villain in a movie were actually created through thorough research…

…In any case, be sure to come back later.

Someday, he would pay the price for his sins.

—But not now.

Even if it is you. Agnus gaze shifted toward his feet.

A mans head was rising from the shadows.

“Agnus, you have an immovable heart.” The being who emerged from the shadows spoke in a low-pitched voice.

It was the appearance of Faker, who, according to the rumors, had obtained aweapon that shows a high attack power only against specific targets from Grid.

This allowed him to increase the efficiency of Kill List by dozens of times.

“One day, you were a murderer when I saw you.

Another day, you were a desperate man in despair.”

Faker had been periodically monitoring Agnus.

Today, he happened to come across Agnus smashing the rankers by chance.

He saw Agnus refusing to die.

“Now you have another passion.”


The fur of the little memphis in the corner bristled.

He was the one who didnt stay in hell and followed Agnus.

“Get lost!” The startled Agnus hurriedly exclaimed.

However, the memphis didnt listen and edged closer to Faker.

He was ready to fight.

He knew that the opponent was strong so he had to step up.

He intended to sacrifice his life to help his benefactor.


Agnus regretted not taking the memphis as a pet.

He hadnt wanted to put the suffering memphis into a cage again, but at this moment, he regretted that he didnt have the authority to cancel the memphis summoning.

“…You are trying to use the opportunity given to you by Grid and Lady Bettys care.

It is the right attitude.”

Faker stared in an expressionless manner at Agnus and the memphis before stating his appreciation.

That was the end of it.

Faker was gone before he knew it.

That ghost-like guy. Agnus sighed and sank down in place.

He was written in the Kill List and had suffered horrific deaths several times.

He hadnt shown it, but honestly, just looking into Fakers eyes made his heart beat faster.


The memphis approached and rubbed against his cheek.

This guy who never listened to Agnus words.

Why did you chase after me instead of Betty or Noe…

Agnus frowned and rose from his seat.

There was no time to rest if he wanted to keep pace with this new era.

“Ive packed my things, so I am leaving now.

Follow me if you are idle.”



The Overgeared World was becoming huge in real time.

The entire area of Reinhardt was judged to be part of the Overgeared World.

Additionally, more than half the East Continent beyond the Red Sea had been incorporated into the Overgeared World.


At the Overgeared Castle…

People let out cries of admiration as they were surrounded by warm divinity.

They recognized that in order to fully see the flying ship in their field of view, they had to cock their heads despite the high altitude of the Overgeared Castle.

The flying ship rose higher today than yesterday and it would be located even higher tomorrow.

People were pleased at the thought, but the expressions of the giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, were dark.

“There is a lack of output.”

The flying ship that only Grid referred to as theOvergeared Battleship—Radwolf groaned about the huge flying ship that was called Zeratuls Coffin or Martial Gods Coffin among the people.

The Greed supported by Grid was used as efficiently as possible, but the condition of the flying ship was below expectations.

The maximum altitude that could be reached with the current output was only 150 meters.

This was even before loading all types of weapons.

Considering that walls that would need to be built like fortifications and the necessary facilities that needed to be installed, the weight of the flying ship would increase exponentially.

This meant that the altitude would be much lower.

They had left the tower empty for several months but the performance was poor.

It was close to a failure.

“In order to fully secure the visibility and safety of the commander, a castle will need to be built in the center… I dont think it is possible in this state…”

It happened the moment that Ke ong was cautiously agreeing…

“For those who serve Lord Hayate, your knowledge seems somewhat shallow.”

A silver-haired man landed between the brothers Fronzaltz and Radwolf.

He struck the space with magic, but there were no reverberations.

The whole area was calm and the mans cloak didnt even move.

The God of Magic and Wisdom—the magic of the existence who was 2nd in the hierarchy of the Overgeared World was in a state where it didnt reveal his presence.

The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, were surprised before bowing respectfully.

It was a completely different attitude from when they visited hell together in the past.

Brahams attitude had also changed.

“Greed is part of Grid.

The proof is that it has continued to grow with each epic Grid wrote.

Ever since he became an Only One God, its functionality has been greatly enhanced.”

He himself nodded and led the topic.

A nod—even that was the greatest humility for Braham.

It was only after he became a god that he realized the sacrifices of the tower members even more and respected them more than before.

“I am considering that Greeds growth has reached the ultimate peak.”

Grid had no room for further development.

He was complete.

The same was true of Greed.

Now there was only one way to increase the power of the flying ship.

It was to wait for the Greed left behind by Grid to multiply.

The problem was that this wouldnt be very effective.

The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, had already completed the installation of Greed where it was most needed.

It was difficult to expect great efficiency even if more Greed was installed.

It was also necessary to take into account that as the amount of Greed increased, the mass of the flying ship would also increase.

“You seem to have misunderstood something.

The growth of Greed isnt over yet.”

“…Um.” Certainly, if the growth of Greed had ended, then Braham wouldnt have revisited its potential.

Braham seemed to believe that Grid could grow further in the future.

It is possible.

How dare they judge the limits of an Only One God

The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, reflected on themselves but didnt react much.

Even if Grid had room for further development, it was something that needed time.

In the end, this flying ship would only be put into operation in the distant future…


The eyes of the giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, which were as big as a bulls eyes, widened.

They were staring at the crystal ball that Braham had just pulled out.

Light was flickering in the crystal ball.

The explosions that occurred each time was a phenomenon purely caused by magic.

Did he materialize his mental world and take it out

The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, were shocked after noticing the identity of the crystal ball.

Then they soon stiffened.

It was because they figured out what the repeated explosions inside the crystal ball were stimulating.

The small specks of dust—they were fragments of Greed that released a faint golden light whenever they were stimulated.

“Magic forging…!”

“Is this possible…!”

The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, let out shocked cries.


The Greed installed all over the flying ship glowed in unison and harbored strong magic power.


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