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Chapter 1732

“Wow… How far is it going to go”

“A facility like that is flying… I cant believe it.”

“I would say it is the Age of Mythology.”

The Age of Mythology—it referred to the era before history.

In Satisfy, it came to mean the present.

It was an era where gods lived with humans.

Recently, a super large airship under construction in the Overgeared Empire had given sense to a new era.

A scene that had never been created with the previous science and magic was unfolding before the eyes of millions of people.

“…Why did he make it”

“It looks cool…”

Perhaps it was because the scale of the Greed-driven flying ship was so staggering.

It was enough to build a city on this flying ship.

It was definitely great, but people had questions about its use.

There was no shortage of land to build cities on.

Why should such a flying ship exist

Was it advantageous for long distance travel It was an era where the warp gates, the quintessence of magic engineering, was popular, so this wasnt a reason.

“Isnt it better to use it to create more God Hands”

The essential problem was that Greed was used as the material.

Greed was famous as a Grid-only item and it was also Grids power.

It was hard for people to understand why Grid, who should reign as an absolute power, would decrease his power by building the flying ship.

On the other hand—


The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, were completely shocked.

It was because the altitude of the Martial Gods Coffin had risen sharply.

It soared up to five kilometers in the sky in an instant.

The speed was clearly transcendent.

This meant that the output of Greed had become dozens of times stronger.

Brahams magic solved something that the giants knowledge and skills couldnt solve.

“Im ashamed to call myself a scholar,” Radwolf felt despondent and spoke to himself.

He was ashamed of the years he had been praised as a wise giant.

Braham shook his head.

“Without your wisdom, this flying ship wouldnt have been able to fly.”

Braham didnt try to please others.

Every word he said was sincere.

“The arrangement of Greed is quite exquisite.

If the design was slightly off, then this ignorantly large land wouldnt have risen.


The gloom was lifted from the faces of the giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, and bright smiles spread.

It meant that the figures with high pride as the last survivors of the giants and the tower members were pleased with some praise.

Braham was a bit taken aback.

This is my status now.

It was a position where those who served by the side of Hayate, the great Dragon Slayer, automatically honored him.

The moment he realized it, the dreams he lost in the past started to sprout anew.

Conquering the world—the ambition to put all humans under his feet and use them as a tool for his mothers revenge—it was a dream that he felt was helpless and gave up after he was stabbed in the back by Pagma and died.

…Lets give up on it.

Putting humans under his feet wasnt what Grid wanted.

This was something that a god who was born from the wishes of humans shouldnt do.

This was even if it meant giving up on getting revenge for his mother.

Im sorry, Mother…

“What is wrong with the atmosphere”

For a moment, he had the wrong idea.

Braham was reproaching himself when he raised his head at the voice.

Grid had descended.

A being who defeated Martial God Zeratul and became an One God—he wore dragon armor all over his body and was escorted by hundreds of God Hands.

He looked like an absolute figure only in appearance.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Grids attitude remained the same even if he became an Absolute.

Grid bowed respectfully to Braham and the giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz.

It was with a smile on his face.

“The Overgeared Battleship is much better than I expected.”

“Overgeared Battleship…”

“Greed has finally evolved.”

Just a moment ago, Grid received a notification that Greed had evolved.

The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived after many years.

Greed, which had grown steadily under the influence of Grids epic, was now complete.

It brilliantly reproduced Grids ability even if it wasnt in the form of the God Hands.


[A metal that symbolizes the Only One God Grid.

It has the habit of judging and moving on its own, and reproducing their masters abilities.

Unleash half the power and speed of the master.

It can be used as a material for all things.

It contains the energy of the Insane Dragon, the magic of Braham, and the blessing of the Goddess Rebecca.]

Fortunately or unfortunately, the name hasnt changed.

He wondered if it would become gravurnium with theg after Grid and thera inBraham.

There was a bit more regret than relief.

He was looking forward to it being recognized as a work he had created with Braham.

However, the system seemed to have determined that Braham only played a small role in the final evolution of Greed.

It was natural since Greed was infused with Grids life itself.

“You can make a toast in celebration,” Braham said with a confident look on his face.

It was something worth being proud of.

It was because his magic contained in Greed was really amazing.

[ If attacking with a weapon made of Greed, the legendary great magicMeteor has a high probability of activating.

Deals damage proportional to your magic attack power and additional damage proportional to the health of the target to the target and all those within a 10 meter radius of the target.

There is a high probability of damaging the targets body and a normal probability of crushing them or blowing them up.

Mana Cost: 80,000.

If attacking with a weapon made of Greed, the legendary great magicDisintegrate is activated.

Deals damage proportional to your magic attack power and additional damage proportional to the health of the target.

It also significantly reduces the targets magic resistance and critical hit resistance.

The effect can be stacked.

Mana Cost: 10,000.]


A very long time ago—at the time when he changed to a legendary blacksmith—Grid imagined a brilliant future.

He believed the day would come when he would wield a sword that dropped Meteor.

It was an empty belief.

In fact, it was impossible for a legendary blacksmith to produce a weapon that fired great magic that only Braham and dragons could use.

He had long given up on it.

Yet it became a reality today.

He was able to wield not only Meteor, but also another great magic called Disintegrate.

“I… have I become invincible” Grid looked at the information of Greed and muttered with a puzzled expression.

Braham explained, “It is far from being invincible.

In the first place, the reason why I took longer to attach the two spells was to hide the flaws.”

“The flaws”

“As you know, Meteor has a delay when it is activated.”

Meteor involved meteorites.

They were stars that fell from space.

It worked by magic, but it was a physical phenomenon.

The process took time.

“It is hard to hit the enemy unless youve completely subdued them.

It is even more so when considering the level of enemies you will face in the future.”

“So together with Disintegrate…”

“Thats right.”

Disintegrate was a spear made of magic.

Unlike Meteor, it was manifested immediately.

“Instead, Disintegrate has a large delay after it occurs.

It is because the magic power that is used to create the form of the spear has the property of returning to its original state.

Only I can forcibly suppress that nature…”

It meant it was hard to use it successively.

Meteor had the disadvantage of having a long preparation (casting time) while Disadvantage had the disadvantage of having a long delay (cooldown).

Braham did the ignorant act of attaching two spells together in order to alleviate the shortcomings as much as possible.

This… the God of Magic and Wisdom

Grid clicked his tongue and pulled out Twilight.

In order to really feel the effect, it was quicker to check it directly.

The main material of Twilight was the fang of the Evil Dragon Bunhelier, but it also contained Greed like his other divine swords.

There was a small explosive sound as Grid targeted one God Hand and swung Twilight lightly.

Was the aftermath smaller because it was swung lightly

The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, were puzzled by the surprisingly quiet wavelength, but their expressions soon contorted in astonishment.

They wondered why the targeted God Hand was vibrating several times.

There was a chain of shockwaves.

Contrary to the impression of the giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, Grid didnt swing the sword lightly, nor was it just once.


Before they knew it, a spear of light had pierced the God Hand.

Then meteorites fell from the sky.

There were as many as seven.

They each had bright red flames and black smoke like a tail so the sky was fading.


The giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, were transcendent.

They reacted sensitively to Meteor, which belatedly occurred.

Radwolf took out his magic machine and wrapped it around himself, while Fronzaltz created a sword curtain and used it as a shield.

The giant flying ship tilted very slightly.

The destructive power of the seven meteorites that fell in a row made it so.

The flying ship wasnt damaged or crashed due to Greed that clad it, but faint shadows appeared on the ground.

“It is definitely a bit disappointing.”

Unlike the giant brothers, Radwolf and Fronzaltz, who couldnt close their open mouths, Braham clicked his tongue.

Grid was taken aback by him.

A bit disappointing Does he have no conscience

Grids fingertips were trembling when he had been calm even when facing Martial God Zeratul.

Just now…

He activated the realm of an Absolute and wielded his sword a total of 10 times.

Disintegrate immediately triggered during the first sword strike and pierced the target, while Meteor fell toward the target with a slight delay.

It was as Braham feared.

Disintegrate had a delay after it was used and Meteor had a delay after it activated.

However, the power was too great to feel regret.

Grids current intelligence easily exceeded 10,000.

If he went to the trouble of swapping some items, then it was easy to aim for 16,000.

If he added a wisdom potion and buffs, then the expected damage value of Meteor and Disintegrate would probably be in the hundreds of thousands at theminimum. If he activated a skill that increased the power of the skill itself, then the damage would probably be ridiculously in the millions.

This was calculated without taking into account the targets health value.

The higher the targets health, the greater the power…

I feel like Im the protagonist of a manhwa.

He felt like he had become a fraudulent character with a cheat key that shouldnt really exist.

If it was known that he felt this way now, it wouldve caused a big wave in society, but… Grid didnt realize it…


It gives me confidence”

Grid smiled and swung the sword again.

Dozens of times, hundreds of times.

He swung it nonstop.

It seemed like fun, but the reality was different.

Every blow was very heavy.

It carried a great deal of responsibility and burden.

Grid had become so rich that someone could spend eternity wasting the money that he gained on an hourly basis.

There was one reason why he didnt go on vacation and focused on Satisfy.

It was because he was still desperate.

There was no room to relax.

Grid calculated the average values of the magic.

The delay after Disintegrate was used and the delay before the occurrence of Meteor was 3 seconds each.

It was confirmed that the probability of triggering Disintegrate was 100% and the probability of triggering Meteor was around 61% on average.


Brahams complexion turned pale as he watched Grid, who was desperate without losing his original intention.

Braham felt a sense of strangeness.

How is this possible

Overusing the great magic that consumed a lot of mana The realm of the Absolute was incomprehensible even to Braham…

Meanwhile, the world was in turmoil.

Breaking news that hundreds of meteorites were falling over Reinhardt poured out from media all over the world.

An analysis followed that the reason why Grid created such a huge flying ship was to prevent the bombing of the meteorites.

Public opinion was formed to support Grid, who predicted and blocked the despicable attack of Asgard ().

Meteorites fell toward the Tomb of the Gods, so it is easy to misunderstand.

Lauel smiled when he heard the news.

He was already looking forward to the reaction of those who would see Meteor appearing in the place where the Tomb of the Gods would fly in the future.

The Overgeared battleship, the Martial Gods Coffin, the Tomb of the Gods—Grid started to read the information of the flying ship, which people called by different names.


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