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Chapter 1733 (Teaser)

[Flying Ship Made of Greed That is Under Construction]


A ship under construction that is based on the stage where the myths of Martial God Zeratul and the gods who serve him are buried.

It is huge enough to build a city powered by Greed.

The maximum speed easily exceeds the speed of sound.]

Why was the normally moving flying ship judged as unfinished Was it because all types of weapons and facilities were yet to be installed No, it was simply because there wasnt a control function.

Currently, the flying ship was driven purely by Greed or Grids will.

It meant it couldnt play its role.

It is as expected.

It feels like Im on flying ground.

This was Grids impression as he stood in the center of the flying ship.

A vast expanse of land in all directions—there was no expression more appropriate thanland to describe the current appearance of the flying ship without any facilities.

It was a pure white land.

Greed was mostly installed at the bottom of the flying ship, so it was difficult to identify it from the top of the flying ship.

The last hurdle is troublesome… I can leave it up to the people to install the necessary facilities, but how do I mount the control function

It was easy to think of Greed as a living creature—a creature that couldnt be tamed by anyone other than Grid.

He wondered if science could create a function to control Greed.

Radwolf spoke cautiously to the concerned Grid, “It isnt a problem to install controls that allow the movement of Greed to be controlled.

There is just the premise that Greed should respond to it…”

“If that is the case, leave it to me.”

Grid gave orders to Greed.

It was an order to respond and move if a pilot, who had been licensed by him, tried to move the Overgeared Battleship.

Greed naturally followed it.

The result…

[Grids blessing, the magic and wisdom of Braham, and the technology of the ancient giants has created the super-sized flying shipTomb of the Gods.]

The system determined the completion of the flying ship.

[Tomb of the Gods]

[Rating: Only One

The super large flying ship of the Only One GodGrid.

It is huge enough to build a fortress and a castle, as well as a city.

It doesnt consume additional resources, so the potential for development is endless.]



Brief information about the finished ship was released to the whole world.

It was as if to attract people.

It was obviously a favor of the system.

In fact, Tomb of the Gods required a lot of manpower and capital.

“Creating such a huge flying ship…”

People cried out with admiration.

Many people recognized the Tomb of the Gods as a land of new opportunities and immediately took action.

Only one person—

“…Is it picking a fight”

Grid was the only one who showed an uneasy reaction.

Tomb of the Gods—it was due to the name of the flying ship.

“What is with this name”

The systems favor didnt reach Grid…

At the same time, at the S.A Groups headquarters…

“G-Group Leader-nim!”

“What is it Is Morpheus crying again”


It is angry”



There was no intention of hiding it any longer.

The operations team felt the need to familiarize themselves with Morpheus emotional expressions.


The birth of a moving city! Tomb of the Gods caused tremendous repercussions.

It was after witnessing Grid defeating the Martial God.

All the capital that the merchants planned to invest generously in the Overgeared Guild and the empire instead flowed into Tomb of the Gods.

The process of technicians continued without an end.

A blank city—it was a land of opportunity for everyone.

(Happy) Departure Ceremony of the Tomb of the Gods (Event)

“…I understand that the festival is very grand.

This isnt a normal happy event, but a huge one.”

There were many vacant lots on the outskirts of Reinhardt.

It was because there were so many mountains that Braham turned to dust in the past.

The artificially created wilderness spread out endlessly.

This meant it was a suitable place to anchor the Tomb of the Gods.

At the entrance of the dock…

Grid looked up at the banner and couldnt help raising a question.

“Why is the font different only for the wordsTomb of the Gods”

They were exceptionally large and thick.

It was even several times bigger than the wordscelebration. The smiling Lauel replied in a bright voice.

“Isnt it such a cool name I paid attention to it in the hope that even one more person can see it.”


Wasnt it uncomfortable that the name for the ship hadtomb in it, when it was a place where hundreds of thousands or millions of people would be active on or live on in the future It was hard to understand Lauels genuinely happy mental state.

He was worried about the future of Lauel, who had a taste that was far from normal.

I think he will probably marry a weird girl due to his strange taste…

I should take care of him so he doesnt get nagged at every day and die early due to anger…

The determined Grid took a step forward.

At this moment, his figure immediately moved from the entrance of the dock to the platform.

It felt different from Shunpo.

No wavelengths were generated and he blended into the landscape as if he was there originally.

Thousands of people were astir.

It was true even for the Overgeared members.

The realm of an Absolute was still unfamiliar to Grids friends and colleagues.

“He feels like a completely different person.”



The Only One God Grid was completely different from the previous Grid.

It was to the point where even his colleagues who had been with him for nearly 10 years felt a sense of distance.

Putting aside their pride at Grid, who was constantly getting stronger, their mood was complicated.


“Yes…! U-Uh…!”

The seats of the 10 meritorious retainers lined up behind the platform.

Vantner stared blankly at Grids back before responding vigorously and getting up from his seat.

It was an attitude with a sense of distance.

His colleagues understood Vantners changed attitude and felt bitter.

The same seemed to be true of Grid.

His somewhat stiff face revealed his inner sadness.

“Come a bit closer and sit down.”

“S-Shall I”

Vantners expression relaxed as he pulled the chair forward.

He was thrilled by Grids attitude of taking care of him and telling him not to feel a sense of distance.

Yes, Grid is still Grid!

It is hard because it is dazzling.

Grids somewhat stiff face finally relaxed.

The technique that symbolized Vantner, Sun Guard—it was a skill that reflected light with his head, blinding the target and causing a drop in accuracy and the cancellation of the skill casting.

From the time he conquered the vampire cities, there was a noticeable increase in proficiency.

Eventually, he mastered it and evolved it.

It was to the point where even the great demons in hell were blinded.

This was the basis of Vantners new legend,Guardian of Light. Now Vantner fiercely reflected most light even when he didnt use a skill.

It was safe to say that Sun Guard had become more powerful than before.

It was even to the extent that it disturbed Grids vision slightly, so he brought Vantner into his own divinity.


“Yes,” Lauel, who had been happily watching the friendship between Grid and Vantner, responded with a big smile.

It was a smile that would soon disappear.

“The scenery around here is so barren.”

“It is because Braham completely destroyed the ecosystem… however, there is enough food production to turn it into an agricultural area.

Now that we are using it as a dock, a commercial area will be created and the landscape will change.”

“No, it is awkward that there isnt even a river flowing, let alone a sea, even though it is a dock.”

“That… the name is a dock, but it is actually an airfield…”

“Lets make a river.”


The site that was originally a mountain.

It was a place where all the water veins had disappeared and it had become a desert.

“Lets build a river.”

Grid kept talking nonsense with a nonchalant expression.

Peak Sword started trembling.

The days in the army—he recalled the moment when thousands of soldiers were sacrificed because of a corps commanders words that the mountain over there was annoying.

After becoming an Only One God…

…Did he become an old man who likes to impose things on youngsters

It was a gathering of Overgeared members and there were no outsiders.

The appearance that Grid showed here was close to the appearance of the real Grid.

It was sincere without any pretenses.

In the tumultuous atmosphere, Grid flicked his fingers and the gods descended.

It was Garion, the God of the Earth; Lars, the God of Fishing; and Dalvida, the God of Water, whom Mir had rescued three days earlier.

“Lets build a river here.”

This was Grids will.


It was fulfilled.

A great and clear river started to flow on the barren wilderness…


At this point, wasnt Grid above the operators The Overgeared members were seriously thinking this when Grid spoke to them.

“As you all know, the benefits that the gods gain from the Overgeared World are great.

It is easy enough to perform such a miracle.”

Yes, everyone knew the power of the divine world.

That was why it wasnt all good news.

“That is why we cant surpass Asgard.”

How many gods lived in Asgard No one knew for certain.

They could only infer that it was a few hundred at least.

The chief gods who led them would naturally be in the hierarchy of an Absolute.

In terms of pure power, they overwhelmed the Overgeared World.

Then what if they got buffs from Asgard There was no chance of winning.

“This is why the Overgeared Battleship is so important.”

“It is the Tomb of the Gods.”

“Yes, in any case… the reason why I used that ignorantly large stage as the basis for the flying ship is for it to be recognized as a territory and to be included in the Overgeared World.”

Once the Tomb of the Gods was judged to be part of the Overgeared World, they could overcome the spatial disadvantages when invading Asgard on the Tomb of the Gods.

“For that to be possible…”

“You mean we need to ride the Tomb of the Gods and build up achievements”

“Thats right.”

Reinhardt, which was incorporated into the Overgeared World, and the East Continent had something in common—they were the stages where Grid and his teammates had performed tremendously.

“So it is an immediate departure.”

The destination was obvious.

If it was an adversary strong enough to muster all the available personnel of the Overgeared Guild, there was only one left on the surface.

“The destination is the No Offspring Tomb.

Lets clean up the surface.”

Of course, there were the variables called the dragons on the surface, but they were literally variables.

It was right to recognize dragons as a disaster.

If they tried to respond to dragons in advance, they would just be poking the beehive.


The Overgeared members gained momentum due to Grids declaration and shouted.


Dalvida, the God of Water, trembled.

Just three days ago—she was rescued by Mir just before she was taken away by the hunters of the No Offspring Tomb, so her fear of the No Offspring Tomb was still vivid.

“Dont worry,” Grid spoke to her.

His eyes were still on his companions below the platform as he whispered to Dalvida, standing beside him.

“My friends are very strong.”

Grid was the one who felt the change of the times most desperately.

It was because he watched his colleagues grow right beside him.

After a while, the Tomb of the Gods finally set sail.

The people of the city encountered the huge flying ship and were panicked at the night that suddenly came.

Then they belatedly figured out the situation and prayed for the luck of the Overgeared Guild.


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