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Chapter 200


There was a flash of light from the ancient weapon and a powerful explosion occurred.

Everything within a radius of 15m was destroyed.


Sehee became pale as she witnessed Grid being swept up in the explosion.

Grids health in the party window was at the very minimum.

“My Lord!”


Huroi and Lauel had only seen Grids invincible appearance.

Grid dying in battle They never even imagined it.

The two people filled with severe confusion and the panicked Euphemina ran towards Grid.

On the other hand, Grid was relieved and surprised.

“Ouch… Why did an explosion occur all of a sudden I have a headache.” Grid questioned it.

He grumbled as he rose from his spot.

Exactly one.

He only had one point of health left.

Thanks to this one point, he didnt die.

It truly was like a miracle.

The excited Huroi shouted, “The heavens helped you!”

Lauel was relieved.

“It is hard to believe that you survived that explosion.

What type of defense do you have”

“It isnt higher than most people.

It is the power of items”

Grid spoke with a smile, but he was inwardly uncomfortable.

‘I lost my insurance.

The reason why Grid could be confident in battle every time was because he believed in his invincible passive.

Compared to ordinary users, he had two lives.

Now that he lost his invincible passive, he was forced to cower.

‘The cooldown of the invincible passive is one day…

Grid decided that he should be cautious.

Then he asked Lauel.

“The first one didnt explode.

Then why did the second ancient weapon explode What is the rule”

“It is hard to guess accurately with only two examples.

The best we can do now is fight with the assumption that the 10 remaining ancient weapons will explode after death.”

“That means we need to leave immediately after killing…”

Grid was looking troubled when the golems started to gather from all directions.

It was the worst situation.

The golems scattered throughout Reinhardt all started targeting Grid.

There were 800 of them.

Grids group had destroyed a lot, but there were still many of them left.

It was a life or death crisis.

“It seems that you drew the aggro after successively killing the ancient weapons.

Euphemina, have you duplicated Heal”

“Unfortunately, I havent.

The Rebecca priests are so precious that I didnt have many opportunities to duplicate Heal.”


Grid needed time to recover.

Huroi and Lauel tried to get him to escape, but the soul dolls speed was too fast.


Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!


Huroi barely prevented the onslaught from the soul dolls and sat down after being stabbed.

It was difficult for him to deal with the soul dolls with his skills.

He barely managed to survive thanks to the protection of his drake.

Lauel was also vulnerable when it came to close combat.

Euphemina tried to support the two, but it was no use because of the Anti-magic Shield.

In the end, Grid had only one way out.

In the past, he wouldve saved his life by running away alone.

However, now he had no thoughts of throwing away his companions.

“Support me from the rear.”

Grid had been sitting in order to speed up his recovery, but now he stood up.

Then he stepped out in front of the part and took the finest potion.

[7,500 health has been be restored.]


If he combined all his items and titles, Grids health was close to 60,000.

The recovery amount of 7,500 wasnt great.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Grid became aware of the danger of allowing attacks and his movements became very passive.

He couldnt help sweating as 100 soul dolls and 700 old golems came at him.

He defended with the pavranium while waiting for the cooldown time of the potion to run out.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The 10 ancient weapons in different locations fired their rays of magic power, further pushing Grid on the defensive.

“Protect Viscount Grid!”

The northern troops from Winston tried to help Grids party.

But it didnt help much.

The casualties kept increasing.

Grid felt regret.

‘I shouldve worn Dorans Ring in advance.

Grid had become better at using Dorans Ring in battle.

He wore Dorans Ring the moment the enemy used a powerful skill in order to maximize the recovery effect.

But he didnt wear Dorans Ring in battle.

He was too overconfident.

As a result, he couldnt cope with the sudden explosion of the ancient weapon and couldnt use Dorans Ring to restore his health.

So now he was in a crisis.


Grid was dealing with the golems with a low amount of health.

He was visibly struggling to Sehee.

‘I want to help.

Sehee didnt want to see her brother being harassed.

She also didnt want to ignore the soldiers dying for her brother.

More power was needed.

“I will become a Saintess.”

Immediately after the announcement that she could become a Saintess, a golden exclamation mark appeared on one side.

Unlike her brother, Sehee immediately realized what this exclamation mark was.

‘If I click on this, I can go through the process of becoming a Saintess


Sehee touched the exclamation mark.

Then the warm voice of a woman started to flow into her brain.

[The Saintess must be a role model for everyone.

If you become the Saintess, you are obliged to do 50 or more good works every month.

If you violate this rule, you will be deprived of your status and wont be able to become a Saintess again.]

[It isnt possible for a Saintess to acquire any skills other than class specific skills.]

[A Saintess can one use class specific weapons.]

[Do you still want to become a Saintess after knowing these facts]



After answering, Sehees body started to shine with a warm golden light.

The notification windows flashed before her.

[You have become the growth type hidden class, a Saintess.]

[A Saintess class starts at the epic rating.

You must meet certain conditions in order to raise the rating.]

[You have obtained the Saintess class weapon, Wooden Staff.

As the class rating grows, the rating of the weapon will also grow.]

[The Goodness stat has been opened.]

[The Composure stat has opened.]

[The skill Hope has been created.]

[The skill Discipline has been created.]

[The skill Benevolent Light has been created.]

[The skill Upright Heart has been created.]

[The titleEveryones Role Model has been obtained.]

[The skill Sacrifice has been created.]

[Congratulations! You are a unique existence in Satisfy.

Your great power to heal others without borrowing from divine power is backed by a strong sense of responsibility.]

Sehee wasnt a fool.

She equipped the Wooden Staff and quickly discovered what skills could help her brother.

[Wooden Staff]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 200/200 Attack Power/Defense: 133

* All stats 50.

A staff made of unidentified wood.

It is very hard and cant be cut by a sword.

There are no special features yet.

Conditions of Use: Saintess.

Weight: 180


Skill Rating: Epic

Randomly recovers 10~30% of the targets maximum health.

Skill Mana Consumption: 10% of your maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds.

* The skill rating will increase as the class rating increases.


Skill Rating: Epic

After restoring the party members condition, the status conditions immunity effect will be given for a certain period of time.

Skill Mana Cost: 2,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.

* The skill rating will increase as the class rating increases.

[Benevolent Light Lv.


Restores the health of the party members, including yourself, by 3,500 (Goodness x 3 Intelligence x 2).

Skill Mana Cost: 1,500

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 minutes.

[Upright Heart Passive]

Skill Rating: Epic

Immune to all abnormal conditions.

You will give off a feeling of threat to vampires, demonkin and other such corrupt beings.

* The skill rating will increase as the class rating increases.


Skill Rating: Epic

Resurrects the dead in return for your health and mana dropping to 1 point.

This skill cant be used on NPCs.

This skill will do huge damage when used on a corrupt being.

Skill Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

* The skill rating will increase as the class rating increases.

She needed to use the Hope skill to help her brother.

She was lacking mana at level 1, so Hope and Sacrifice were the only skills she could use.

Sehee was determined to reach Grid, but Jude restrained her.


Sexy Schoolgirl.

You shouldnt go to that dangerous place.

You must be safe.

It is Viscount Grids command.”

Sehee saw that Jude was a simple person and easily convinced him.

“Do you think that our lives are more important than the life of Viscount Grid We arent the ones in danger right now, its Grid.

If we dont help him, he might lose his life.”

“… Viscount Grid is more important.”

Jude grabbed the black greatsword with both hands.

Then he ran 150m to the place where Grid was located, mercilessly breaking through the old golems and soul dolls.

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!


After Grids nurturing, Judes strength was now at 2,080.


Among the top rankers, it was extremely rare to have a strength exceeding 2,000.

In addition, the power of the 8 Dainsleif that Jude wielded with all his power was comparable to Grids offensive power, making it difficult for the old golems and soul dolls to endure.

In the end, Sehee was able to approach Grid safely thanks to Jude.


“Dont hurt Oppa!”

Sehee used the Hope skill and a warm light surrounded Grids body.

[20% of your total health has been restored.]

[The option effect of the Holy Light Armor has increased the power of recovery magic by 300%.]

[35,580 health has been restored.]

It was the moment when the strongest healer and the best armor evoked a massive synergy effect.

“… Percentage heal”

Grid was astonished.

His sister was a beginner, but then she suddenly became a Saintess and could use a healing skill

Sehee shouted while he was confused, “Oppa, arent you the best Go and smash these bad guys!”

The best He was the pathetic person who did nothing for 28 years and worried his family.

Grid was thrilled.

‘Thank you, Satisfy.

He became the legendary Pagmas Descendant in Satisfy and was able to change his life.

The worst person turned into the best.

‘Without Satisfy, I would still be living a trivial life…

At this moment, Grid was able to completely remove his shame at his pathetic past self and he felt his blood boiling.

Aura sprang up around him.

He felt stronger than when he received Hurois Morale Boost buff.

Thanks to Sehees heal, he recovered 40,000 health.

Therefore, he started his sword dance with confidence.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship! Wave!”


Hundreds of blue-white waves of energy spread all over the place.

The golems directly attacked by him suffered great damage and suffered a slow debuff at the same time.

But there were many more golems unaffected.


The attacks of the soul dolls randomly struck Grids body.

Grid didnt shrink back.

He kept attacking as he was being hit.

Grid had the strong healer called Sehee behind him, so he was able to use his combat style that required no control to destroy the soul dolls.

[You have suffered 3,300 damage.]

[You have dealt 20,900 damage to the target.]

[You have suffered 2,930 damage.]


[You have dealt 44,200 damage to the target.]

[You have suffered 3,080 damage.]

[Failures option effect is activated, causing the skill5 Joint Attacks to be generated.]

[You have dealt 101,500 damage to the target.]

[You have destroyed a soul doll.]

[15% of your total health has been restored.]

[The option effect of the Holy Light Armor has increased the power of recovery magic by 300%.]

[26,685 health has been restored.]

“Sehee! Youre really the best! The best! Puhat! Puhahahat!”

This synergy between brother and sister was truly good.

Grid couldnt stop laughing.

His momentum increased as he fought.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

Now Sehee was level 13.

She got a lot of experience in return for using healing on the level 270 Grid.


Huroi, Lauel and Euphemina were speechless at the sight.

A class that could only use heals from level 1 Yet the amount of healing was so enormous Didnt this rival the heals of high level priests In particular, Euphemina received a great shock.

[You have failed to observe the targets skill.]

[You have failed to observe the targets skill.]

[You have failed to observe the targets skill.]

It has been a very long time since she failed to observe Grid and Agnus skills.


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