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King Aslan doubted his eyes as he ran out of the palace. Great Demon Belial was really destroyed. The strongest monarch of hell, who had the power to destroy humanity, was beaten by a few hundred humans King Aslan made an incredulous expression and soon found Grid.

His eyes were filled with anger, resentment, and madness.

“The power of a legend that can even destroy great demons...! Why you Why did you use this power as a tool of rebellion”

King Aslan wanted to make his kingdom stronger.

He didn’t know why he had to be disturbed by this pure and upright cause.

“You don’t know! I always wanted a friendship with you! I really did my best to treat you well! Then why Why did you ignore me to the end!”

He was serious.

King Aslan needed Grid’s power and did his best to make peace with Grid.

But in the end, he was ignored.

"Why weren’t you loyal to your kingdom!”

Aslan complained to Grid.

Grid gazed at him silently before slowly opening his mouth.


How was that the case”


"No, did you think it would be fine by using me to cover up the fact that you killed Prince Ren Think about it from my perspective.

How ridiculous is it I received all the gifts you gave me, but I never felt grateful.”


It couldn’t be helped from my position.”


You’re a dog who killed your older brother because you wanted to be king, and then framed me for it.

You’re just trash.

Now you’re acting as the ultimate victim.”


It was true to a certain degree. The king of a nation who was no better than a dog was just rubbish. Grid’s words were too much. King Aslan couldn’t bear it any longer.

His lingering grudges towards Grid disappeared.

Grid had nailed a wedge into the feelings already inside him.

"Everything is gone.

You and I weren’t destined to get on the same boat in the first place.”

The reason Grid made Overgeared There was only one reason. It was to build up enormous resources.

His infinite greed couldn’t bear the small kingdom of Eternal.

“If there wasn’t the incident with you and Prince Ren, you would’ve been kneeling before me already.”

It had been decided from the beginning that he would swallow up Eternal.

It was right after the Reinhardt golem invasion, where he refused to pledge allegiance to the royal family.


Grid’s sword pointed at Aslan.

There was no hesitation in his action.

“Let’s finish this now.”

The moment that Grid finished speaking.



All members of Overgeared simultaneously pointed their weapon. They were movements without any error. All of them were aiming for King Aslan and there was silence for a moment. Sounds were heard from beyond the palace walls.  It was the wails of the people.

“Revive my daughter!”

“Revive my sister!”

“Kill the king!”

“Aslan isn’t king!”

The family and friends of the virgins sacrificed for the summoning of the great demon. The people of Reinhardt had been condemning and cursing Aslan for half a day. Their sorrow and anger couldn’t be reduced. Their innocent women were burned to death. They became the victim of a sin that couldn’t be understood.

Reinhardt’s people were convinced. Aslan wasn’t qualified to be king.

They cried out in order for the world to know the truth.

"Kill the king of Eternal!”

The people had turned away from Aslan.

Grid carried out their will.

“Aslan, I am not like you.”

If his greed was first, his kindness towards the weak was second.


Grid took one step closer to Aslan. Chucksley blocked his way. The sword of Eternal.

Grid smiled bitterly at him, who defended Aslan without hesitation. 

"Aslan is the criminal who killed the legitimate successor to the throne, Prince Ren.

He also sacrificed thousands of innocent people to summon a great demon.

Is there a reason to protect him”

“There’s no reason.

This is my destiny.”

From the moment of his birth until now.

Chucksley only lived for protecting Eternal’s royal family.

He was raised this way.

He couldn’t think of any other way.

'Even if it’s the wrong king...’ 

He couldn’t turn away.


Chucksley’s expression was gripped his sword.

But his eyes were sad. He blamed the fate that he couldn’t rebel against.

Grid’s greed boiled as he looked at Chucksley.

‘I want him.’

A named NPC who was absolutely loyal to his owner. Eternal’s first great swordsman. Grid recognized the value of Chucksley.

Grid knew that Chucksley was someone he wanted, just like Piaro, Asmophel, Sticks, and Rabbit.


“I will deal with you myself.

I’ll change your fate.”


Rather than the Holy Light Armor, Grid’s body was covered with Triple Layers.



Grid ordered the Overgeared members to wait and shot forward. Chucksley shouted as he watched Grid, “This time will be different!”

The growth rate of named NPCs was slightly above the growth rate of players.

Chucksley was several times stronger than he was when Prince Ren invaded Eternal and he blocked Grid’s attack.


He endured the overwhelming attack power of the 9 Failure without much difficulty.

His sword cut down Grid’s chest.


Ruby was shocked when she saw Grid bleeding.

She wanted to use Heal, but Piaro stopped her.

"This is my lord’s battle.”

In order to embrace the dragon, one had to be the sky.

"Humans can’t help the sky.

Just watch him.”


Ruby couldn’t understand what Piaro meant. But Ruby was quick to notice.

She controlled her heart as she watched Grid’s health quickly go down.

Piaro watched her as if she was worthy.




“Linked Kill Wave.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Thanks to Triple Layers, Grid considerably neutralized the attack power of Chucksley.

He used the movement of his sword to get further away from Chucksley and unleashed a storm of swords.

Chucksley responded.

“Sword of Incision!”

Chuckely’s origin was as a knight.

The characteristic of his swordsmanship was excellent defense.


Chucksley moved his sword around him, creating several layers of aura that defended against the bombardment.


Grid didn’t panic, despite his attack being neutralized.

Rather, he enjoyed it.

'I desire him even more!’


As Chucksley defended against Linked Kill Wave, silver threads flew from Grid’s fingertips as he started a new sword dance. Dozens of strands of silver thread stretched out. Like the Milky Way pouring from the night sky, the beautiful silver thread wrapped around Chucksley’s body.

No, they tried to wrap around him.


It happened before the silver thread reached Chucksley.


Chucksley moved and appeared behind Grid. He moved as swiftly as an assassin despite being a swordsman in heavy armor.

Piaro admired it.

'A moving mountain.’

A true rare breed. Unlike others, Chucksley was fast and hard.

It was because he trained to run to the king’s side at any time.



Grid was struck from behind by Chucksley’s shield and his sword dance was cancelled. This was the limitation of his sword dances. The advantage was that the footwork required could be used to avoid attacks.

However, it was difficult to see the advantage in swordsmanship that required a certain amount of footwork.

 If Grid could use swordsmanship without needing to take steps then he wouldn’t have revealed such a gap.

Pagma’s Swordsmanship was a powerful skill, but it also showed the inherent limitations of a non-combat class.

However, Grid had already overcome this limit.


Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

Grid used a series of quickly movements to move from side to side, avoiding Chucksley’s shield and giving him a chance to swap weapons. It was a staff instead of a sword.

Belial’s Staff.

“Magic Missile!”


Magic Missile could be used once per second and penetrated Chucksley quicker than ever. The strength was superior to the past. Thanks to the title of Savior of the World, the 200 extra points in intelligence increased his magic power and Belial’s Staff also raised the power.


Despite his chest being pierced, Chucksley raised his shield instead of collapsing.



The Magic Missile bombardment continued.

Earl Ashur’s eyes were wide as he watched.

‘I would believe he’s a magician instead of a blacksmith.’

Magic Missile alone was enough to reverse the momentum.

“Ugh...! King’s Shield!”

The continuous magic damaged Chucksley, who quickly used a defense skill.

Then the light of defense stopped Grid’s Magic Missile bombardment. Grid swapped from the staff to Sword Ghost.


A gap was revealed during the item swap. Chucksley quickly tried to strike during this time. But the counterattack didn’t succeed.

Grid didn’t allow it.

"Behind you.”

Grid spoke a meaningful statement towards Chucksley.


The white spheres behind Chucksley’s back were released, penetrated Chucksley’s body. It was Magic Missile that contained Alarm magic.

Chucksley had no idea that Magic Missiles were waiting for him and couldn’t react.


Chucksley staggered to one side and Sword Ghost pursued him.


Chucksley tried to defend with his shield.

The movement was incomplete, putting great strain on his knees and waist. But wasn’t it better than allowing an attack Chucksley focusing on blocking Grid’s strike.


The Sword Ghost aiming at Chucksley split into two, making two orbits.


One Sword Ghost moved along the original orbit and slammed against the shield.


The other Sword Ghost hit Chucksley’s chest.


The match was decided.

Chucksley still had half his health left while Grid only had 1/3rd, but Chucksley could tell.

‘This is an opponent I can’t win against...’

Grid wasn’t using the golden hands.

He just overwhelmed Chucksley with pure skill.

Chucksley couldn’t deny his complete defeat.


He still had a commitment to protect King Aslan.

 This was his absolute destiny. In an unsafe posture, Chucksley tried to use his ultimate technique.

It was aiming at Grid.

At that moment.


The golden hands knocked down a wall around the palace. At this moment, Chucksley saw the crying people enter.

Grid asserted.

“The king is respected because he protects the people.

Chucksley, why should you protect a king who doesn’t care about the people” 


His destiny was lost. Chucksley looked at the crying people and understood. What reason did he have to protect the king The sword was heavy. He let go of the sword.

Chucksley fell to his knees and bowed his head.

Grid confirmed this and gave an order to the Overgeared members.

“Capture Aslan.

From this time on, I will occupy the throne of Eternal.”

『 ...!!! 』

A new hot topic not long after the Belial raid! The media companies around the world were busy.

Grid’s attitude that blatantly aimed at the throne was breaking news.

In this heated atmosphere, Grid declared.

“I will build a new nation with my people as well as the wounded Reinhardt.”

The first player to become a king! The hearts of the Overgeared members ran wild and the attention of the world concentrated on Grid.

In the midst of this anticipation and anxiety, Grid spoke the name he had thought hard about.

“The Overgeared Kingdom!” I am Overgeared’s king, Grid!”


『 ...

-Is this true

A new legend had begun.


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