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“Pretty, isn’t it I was reminded of you as soon as I saw this.”

I scowled at him because of its damned package, but Yeon Woojeong paid me no heed and opened the package.

He brought the condom under my nose and I quickly tried to turn my head.

The smell that I was unable to avoid lingered at the tip of my nose.

An artificial smell that is usually exuded from candies or jellies.

Yeon Woojeong put the condom on my thing as he pleased.

Should I be glad that its color was normal I smelled his hand which just touched my member.

“Are you a baby Smells like a strawberry.”

Yeon Woojeong laughed as if ridiculing me.

I wanted to make him unable to say baby anymore.

Though I knew that was impossible.

I pushed Yeon Woojeong down.

I spread his legs wide and opened the gel.

As I poured the gel on his contracting hole, his legs tensed and relaxed while his hole also opened its mouth and closed it back.

My heart ran wildly.

Before I pierced his inside, I opened my mouth.




I just wanted to call him.

I slowly lowered my waist and entered him.



The breath of relief burst at the same time.

In order to hold back the desire to push into the end at once, I grabbed and pushed Yeon Woojeong’s thighs.

As his legs were spread wider, his nether part widened.

While the narrow wall was opened slowly, it also stuck to my penis.

It felt like I wasn’t entering him, but he was sucking me in.

The inner flesh opened its way, sucking my cock.

Biting Yeon Woojeong’s collarbone, I pushed my member to the root.

I raised my head to check on his face.

The faintly creased forehead, the moan mixed with breath that flowed out of his parted lips.

It was hot inside my abdomen.

I felt like I would wreck his lower body if I didn’t stay on guard even for a moment.

This had happened regardless of what kind of thought or resolution he had.

Since Yeon Woojeong had considered himself my guardian, he had to take responsibility for this.

I wanted to own his body.

Yeon Woojeong.

Chanting his name inside my mouth, I slowly pulled my hips backward.

The sensation of his inner flesh sticking and sucking on my penis made my nerves run wildly.

I pushed my hips up while putting my tongue inside Yeon Woojeong’s opened lips.


I swallowed his voice.

Twisting inside the wet mouth, I rubbed my shaft to his inner wall.

I steadily rubbed the hole that strongly pressed on me even despite small movements.

I stroked Yeon Woojeong’s everywhere with my palms.

The fever was rising up.

As I came to realize that he had a temperature that didn’t differ much from mine, I felt tightened on my right wrist.

While burying myself in his deepest place, I touched my lips to Yeon Woojeong’s cheek.

A feeling of becoming one with him.

This situation of me holding him in my arms and he accepted me gladly.

This was not rape.

I didn’t want to oppress him.

I just wanted to touch him.

From the highest to the lowest point of him.



“Haaa… Mhm.”

“How is it”

I bit on the flesh that wasn’t too thick and licked it.

I rubbed my lips on his cheek.

I sucked his earlobe.

It was not enough even though I had tasted every place.

I took off my lips, then looked down at Yeon Woojeong.

His eyes scanned me.

He touched my cheek and said,

“I like it.”

I felt overwhelmed.

I swallowed Yeon Woojeong’s lips at once and pushed up my hips hard.

The breath scattered inside my mouth.

I crooked my tongue.

His mouth opened.

I kept ramming in roughly that the sound of the balls slapping skin rang out a few times.

His inner wall tightened as if biting me off, trying to push back the rough movement.

Yeon Woojeong’s hand faltered and grabbed my arm.

That wasn’t a strong force.

He didn’t push me.

He was only clinging to me.

I took off my lips, gritted my teeth, and stopped the moving hips.

The sound of gritting teeth leaked out.

I finally was able to see Yeon Woojeong’s expression clearly.

A smile bloomed on his face.

He pulled my nape.

The tips of our noses met, and he moved, rubbing them slightly.

Yeon Woojeong curved his waist, then moved softly.

At his movement, my penis came out of him and then slowly entered his inside.


The strongly tightened hole loosened up.

Yeon Woojeong leaned his head up a bit, and the tip of my nose brushed against his lips.

I crumpled the sheet in order to hold back the desire to ram my genitals roughly inside him again.

Yeon Woojeong’s abdomen faintly moved up and down.

He moved his hips dexterously.

Following his movement, my thing was buried inside him and then fell out.

Yeon Woojeong’s face changed whenever my member poked his inner wall.

The shaking swollen genitals and balls, the firm thighs with stood out muscle following his movement up and down, abdomen with clear lines, the erected nipples, the tensed arms, the protruding Adam’s apple.

My mouth parched.

I felt like ejaculating just by looking at Yeon Woojeong, who closed his eyes, enjoying this. 

“Mmm, Kim Jiho.”

“… what’s wrong”

“Let out your voice.

Hahh, cry cutely.


My body burned up as I heard the voice mixed with moans.

I wanted to do what Yeon Woojeong said right away.

Whatever he said.

However, I didn’t know how to cry like that.

That was something that I could not do.

Instead, I slowly embraced Yeon Woojeong and pushed my genital matching his movement.



I felt my penis interlocked fit inside him.

The moment the moist inside tightened the cock, an exclamation broke out.

In an instant, all thoughts were volatilized.

Yeon Woojeong and I moved our bodies as if we had planned it out.

Every time our skin slapped against each other, it felt like electricity ran through my whole body.

I lowered my head and put my lips near Yeon Woojeong’s ear.

I hardly let out any sound.

It was only intermittent inhaling and exhaling of breath, and sometimes a low moan came out without me even realizing it.

I could not cry cutely, but if Yeon Woojeong wanted it, I wanted to let him hear every sound of mine.

“Hhh, gh, more, ah, there.”

Yeon Woojeong led his body honestly.

He didn’t point out the place precisely, but I knew.

I rubbed, scratched, and poked him everywhere he wanted.

Every time I brushed and pressed down inside, the inner wall jolted and swallowed the genitals.

His inside kneaded on my thing fiercely.

An uncontrollable pleasure surged rapidly.

He wrapped his arms around my neck, twisted his head, and chewed my earlobes.

“More, **, gasp, harder, Jiho.”

Yeon Woojeong, who led my movement, wrapped his legs around my waist and completely fell back on the bed.

His movement stopped.

It meant none other he left it to me.

My heart tickled in the midst of this.

How can I feel this kind of feeling from this man Why is this man getting into me like this

There was no need to hold back anymore.

I pierced up my hips roughly.

I poked him as much as I wanted, chewed, kneaded, and pressed all over his body.

“Hht, Mr.

Yeon, I’m too…”

I like it too.

The words I couldn’t hold back exploded out like a cough.

My hands moved down, clasped his ass, and spread it.

The hole flinched, and I kept ramming my thing inside quickly, without stopping.

The desire to savor this moment for a bit longer and the urge to burst quickly mixed up and pushed on my body.

My genitals felt like exploding.

I put Yeon Woojeong’s cock inside my hand, then held it as if tearing it away.

A groan exploded from him.

Everything felt distant.

Only the sound of him and I piled up clearly.

All the light lit up his body.

I could see nothing but him.

Yeon Woojeong, who was disheveled and panting under me.

The side of him that he chose to show me.

The moment to easily know him.

The skins and breaths that touched openly.

If what is bound to happen will happen, If I had known that something like this would happen before me, would I have been able to endure all those moments a little more easily in the past Yeon Woojeong was the most dreamlike and precious thing I could reach.

I hugged his body tight, afraid that this moment might disappear.

I pressed on him so that he could not go anywhere.

Yeon Woojeong squirmed every time I buried myself deep inside him to the point of making slapping sounds.

The moment when he lost his composure the most.

When that moment came, I was unable to keep my mind straight as well.

“Gh, hhht! Gasp, nn, ah…”

“… Hhhh, gh.”

Yeon Woojeong’s body stiffened in a flash.

The moment his hole tightened strongly, I moved my hips while closing my eyes tight.

Yeon Woojeong’s body, clasping my shoulders tight, shivered.

The moment the legs that wrapped around my waist fell down, I, too, blew everything out.


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