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“Since you have come and you have already attacked, then you all have the consciousness to pay the price.” The master of the palace did not give these guys a chance at all, and directly announced their disposition “Murderers, the human being you kill is permanent, everyone must know this, then, I hope you can leave with peace of mind, so you can leave!”

After speaking, the master of the palace didn’t even look at these trapped guys, turned around and left.

A few core elders sneered and stepped forward, looked at the trapped people carefully, and seemed to see a few familiar faces.

After looking at them for a while, they also walked away without stopping. 

“Forgive us and spare our life!” Some guys with low cultivation, no longer caring about their own face, shouted for mercy at the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace who silently pushed forward.

“I’m just following orders…”

“The culprit is not us…”

A series of cries came, when faced with the great terror between life and death, some people who had seen life and death couldn’t help crying.

In the past, seeing through life and death was because there was still a silver lining, so they risked their lives to fight for a better future.

Now, the other people were the knife and they were the fish and meat.

The main ones who killed them were the disciples of of the punishment hall, but some other disciples of the Pure Yang Palace who had been injured in the previous illusion were also willing to participate.

Anyway, there are enough people, there are thousands of people, one person can kill one, and no one will be satisfied.

They brushed off such a small will from their fellow disciples.

“Leave these cultivators for us to kill!” Those Yuanying stage masters in the eccentric hall rubbed their hands and walked towards the area where the group of Yuanying stage masters were concentrated.

Being able to fight a cultivator of the same level was a kind of excitement for monsters like them, and it also has a small boost to their cultivation.

The monster race was originally created by fighting the weak and the strong.

Of course, the killing of the monster race is not a simple killing, but a direct devouring of the opponent.

In the past, there were sect’s regulations, and they had a lot of rules, but will there still be so many restrictions for this kind of enemy who attacked the sect If one person divides one, everyone benefits.

“Elder Li of the Greatest Heaven Sect ordered me to wait…”

“Elder Liu of the Five Elements Sect is the culprit…”

“Elder Gao of the Green Jade Immortal Island instructed me to wait…”

“The order came from elder Wang of the Qiankun Sect…”

“The Blue Cloud Sect’s Elder Ouyang is in charge…”

The group of Yuanying stage masters obviously did not expect that they would be swallowed by the monster race.

When they thought of this terrifying method of death, they could no longer remain calm, and they all cried and told the people behind the scenes.

Unsurprisingly, the five major sects dominated.

It must be said that there were only five sects that can mobilize so many people.

Dozens of Dacheng stage masters and thousands of Yuanying stage masters are far from being organized by ordinary small sects and rogue cultivators.

These guys who came to offend, almost all the dark pawns arranged by the five major sects, have now been almost wiped out by the Pure Yang Palace.

Tao Junqi, Shi Wushuang and Murang were fighting with the five masters of the Dacheng stage.

They were also very strange, who dared to do this in the Pure Yang Palace, but due to their resistance, the Pure Yang Palace did not have anything to do with them without any kind of restraint, but let them watch it all happen.

Hearing that their own sects have high-level participation, and even the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect have high-level participation, the three girls were all ashamed and didn’t know how to express their apologies.

No one in their sect had ever informed them that they would launch such an attack, so obviously, they were also the part that was abandoned by the sect.

Seeing that the masters who belonged to their respective sects slowly lost their lives under the attack of the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace like killing chickens, there was no reason to stop them.

Once they speak, they believe that they will turn from bystanders into enemies immediately.

At this time, the Pure Yang Palace will never easily believe any outsider.

“Hey, you are really unlucky guys.” Yang Chen, of course, witnessed all this, and let out a deep sigh: “If you want to have a seizure, you can’t find a good time, you have to wait for A’Ling’s spiritual awareness to break through the second grade human Immortal realm.”

As soon as Yang Chen came back, of course, he and Gongsun Ling, Gao Yue had spiritual awareness double cultivation first.

It quickly elevated Gongsun Ling’s spiritual awareness to the second grade human Immortal realm.

It was better and easier to control the geographical map of mountains and rivers.

It was in this situation that a group of masters threw themselves into the geographical map of mountains and rivers.

Even the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace saw the same illusion, which also induced a large number of chess pieces placed in the Pure Yang Palace to be exposed, making the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace more and more pure.

“How to deal with those culprits” These Yuanying and Dacheng stage masters have all said who was behind the scenes, and Gao Yue naturally wanted to know Yang Chen’s attitude.

“You don’t need to ask, let them die!” Yang Chen raised his eyebrows slightly, and put Gao Yue in his arms “If you dare to attack my sect, you will always have to pay a price.”

“The sects can’t compete with the five major sects now, right” Gao Yue considered this, not the other “If the elders of the sect are murdered with great fanfare, the five sects will never keep quiet, right”

“Why do we have to care” Yang Chen smiled slightly, holding Gao Yue’s hand, they were having a spiritual awareness double cultivation and replied with a smile “If such a big thing happened, how could they follow the sect themselves The sect to explain Even if the five major sects are to pretend, they have to put on a sufficient posture.”

After speaking, Yang Chen looked at Gongsun Ling, who was trying to control the geographical map of mountains and rivers.

Although Gongsun Ling’s spiritual awareness has greatly increased, to create such a big illusion, it still made her a little mentally exhausted.

If she can support it up to now, it was already Yang Chen who has helped a lot.

Glancing at Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen turned around and said, “Trust me, let their sect kill them by themselves, the feeling of exhilaration far exceeds the feeling of doing it ourselves.”

“Little Xue and Shanshan may not have a good time.” After thinking about it, Gao Yue seemed to think it made sense, but she just started to worry about Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan.

After all, this time, both the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect were participants, the two of them are caught in the middle, it was really uncomfortable.

“It doesn’t matter.

As each sect grows, there will always be different factions.

This is an excellent opportunity for the five sects, and it is the best excuse for their seniors to eradicate dissidents.” This kind of power struggle inside a sect was very clear “You wait and see, soon the heads of those people will appear in the Pure Yang Palace, waiting for us to check.”


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